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Research a Poet

No description

Ms. Rudolph

on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of Research a Poet

Research a Poet Essay
Body Paragraph #1 - Life of Poet
Born? Died? (when and where)
Era (century or time period)? Places where my poet lived?
Places where my poet visited/lived?
Family life?
Obstacles and struggles? Personality?
Outlook on life?
Interesting Facts about life/person (3) - pd.5/6 only
Body Paragraph #2-Career of Poet
When did he/she begin writing?
Who influenced my poet (any other poets)?
What inspired poetry?
What type/kind of poetry?
What is the audience?
What other types of writing (other genres)?
What awards?
What kind of recognition?
Other hobbies or careers?
Interesting facts about career?
Body Paragraph #3
This will be completed during our unit in class--this is not part of your research
What is the meaning of the poem?
• Literal?
• Figurative?
What is the style?
What are the elements (or techniques) used by the poet?
Find some figurative language and explain the meaning of the figurative language
What events in the poet’s life could explain meaning?
Who is the audience?

Works Cited
You MUST use at least 4 sources total for your research
1. book
2. a website
3. a search engine (Power Library)
4. source of choice

We will begin with searching websites, and then you may cross reference or find more information in the book, search engine, and choice.

Before you may start writing your rough draft, you must turn in your research cards. Your research cards must be turned in by next Friday, May 2nd
Research a Poet
Assignment: You will be writing a research paper on the poet you have chosen. This essay will be a five paragraph essay with an introduction, conclusion, and three body paragraphs. Your body paragraphs should be outlined as follows:
1. Life of Poet
2. Career of Poet
3. Interpretation of a Poem

Before you may start writing your rough draft, you must turn in your research cards. Your research cards must be turned in by next Friday, May 2nd.

There will be benchmark due dates periodically from May 2nd to May 17th. These dates are on my website.

Your Final Draft will be due May 17th which MUST include a Works Cited page correctly formatted
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