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The impact of #SLTchat across the UK

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Ross McGill

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of The impact of #SLTchat across the UK

Lightbulb moment Logo designed by Twitter-teacher tube map specialist @Pekabelo The impact of #SLTchat
across the UK... Context of #SLTchat by @TeacherToolkit Ross Morrison McGill Twitter profile 1. all those currently in school leadership across the UK.

2. for those who aspire to be in a school leadership team/position....
3. for anyone who is interested in what senior teachers are discussing up and down the country.
...in just 9 weeks... Takes place, every Sunday night (term-time only).... ...from 8pm - 8.30pm.
The short time-frame is to help
recreate the fast pace of SLT life in school. What I have started to discover, is that
people taking part, feel that it
'sets them up for the week ahead'. ...and of course there are weekly Polls
and Archives publish mid-week. #SLTchat poll: Sunday 18th November Overview of poll results Archives
POLL TOPICS so far...

Top 5 day-to-day strategies (79)
Advice for managing workload (41)
Year 11 intervention strategies that work (48)
Embedding resilience and independent learning across a school (46)
Tips of getting your staff ready for Ofsted (52)
Making staff accountable (49)
Ideas for leading Teaching & Learning? (85)
Handling difficult conversations (59)
Lesson feedback. How best to do it? (47)
What constitutes active learning? (46)
How to move a good lesson to outstanding (117)
Developing whole-school literacy strategies (63)
intervention (72)
Dealing with under-performing SLT (49)
If you had a school bonfire, what would you burn? (43) Halloween Special
What's the weirdest thing you've ever had to do as a member of SLT? (35) Halloween Special
Tips for school systems to free teachers to teach (91)
Time management tips for leaders (87)
Last night: Ideas for a new curriculum (88)
Last night: Getting lessons off to a good start (82)
Top tweets! What is SLTchat? by @sbhsMrWilson So what next?
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