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Forged By Fire Liggons

No description

Aniya Liggons

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of Forged By Fire Liggons

By: Sharon M. Draper Forged By Fire Exposition Rising Action Rising Action Falling Action Climax Conclusion/Resolution Point of View Setting: Aunt Queen's House and the hospital

Characters: Gerald, Aunt Queen, mom and mom's boyfriend

Conflict: Mom is on drugs and is abusing Gerald which causes Gerald to feel neglected ~Mom leaves Gerald at home by himself at
age three

~Gerald starts playing with his G.I. Joe toys
and mom's lighter which causes a fire

~Gerald ends up in the hospital ~Child Protective Services gets invovled

~Gerald gets tooken away from his mom

~He moves in with his Aunt Queen ~Mom gets her life back on track

~She is trying to get custody of Gerald
12 years later

~Aunt Queen dies ~Gerald has no choice but to move
in with his mom, little sister and step-dad

~Gerald isn't getting along with his mom nor
his step-dad

~ ~Gerald starts getting along with his
mom and step-dad

~They become one descent family ~1st person Protagonist/Antagonist ~Protagonist: Gerald and Aunt Queen

~Antagonist: Mom and mom's boyfriend
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