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Jury Duty

No description

Sarah McCulloch

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Jury Duty

What's it all about? Jury Duty Jurors are ordinary citizens aged between 18 and 70 years who:
- Come from all walks of life.
- May not have any legal knowledge. Nigel Stobbs
Queensland University of Technology law lecturer and barrister "The people who turn up for jury service are typically people who don't have to be anywhere else that week..."
"The people who serve tend to be unrepresentative and I think that's a problem." A temporary commitment, such as a holiday, exam or sick relative, is enough for a person to be struck off the list of potential jurors if it happens to coincide with a summons to serve In 2010, it was found that 90% of Queenslanders selected for jury duty were able to avoid it In June 2008, a $1 million drug court case in Australia was aborted due to a number of jury members playing Sudoku puzzles for the majority of the 6 day trial The decision of the jurors came down to a toss of a coin In Vaise v. Delaval Only
26, 954
to serve 241, 480
notice Justice Department figures show that last financial year: One Two Three (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr For every 12-person jury filled... ...an average of 416 notices have been sent out (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr
Of those, only 6972 people were actually empanelled onto a jury The Jury Act 1995
Qld The laws regarding Jury duty fall under the Getting out of jury duty: "The problem for the accused person of course is that if you don't get a range of life experience [amongst jury members] it can be skewed in a particular way,"

"There is research to suggest older people tend to have a more punitive attitude." Nigel Stobbs
Queensland University of Technology law lecturer and barrister Lawrence Springborg
Former Shadow Attorney General "I think you'd have to be completely deluded if you said juries are completely representative of society" In R v. Young A Ouija board decided the fate of the case A survey found that 73% of total trials revealed "fundamental misunderstandings of the law at the deliberations stage"
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