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Out of My Mind by Sharon M Draper

No description

Lindsey Spoon

on 11 September 2015

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Transcript of Out of My Mind by Sharon M Draper

Out of My Mind by Sharon M Draper
Presentation by Lindsey Spoon

With the help of Mrs. V, her neighbor and caregiver, Melody had been given the best way possible to communicate before getting her Medi-Talker. Mrs. V had realized that Melody had more to say than what she was able to express. Mrs. V believed in Melody and quizzed her on all kinds of things. They had flashcards for everything. Because of this, Melody was prepared to transition to the Medi-Talker.
The Medi-Talker opened the doors of communication for Melody. She was able to be humorous, make friends, answer questions, show dislike, express needs and thoughts, and people started to realize how great she was and that there was much more to Melody.
One of the best things about the Medi- Talker is that it allowed her to answer questions in class at school. Teachers and students began to realize that she had something in her and that they had underestimated her. She was incredibly smart.
Plot Summary
Melody is a girl with cerebral palsy who is nonverbal but very smart. She has tons of information and a lot to say, but none can hear it and she struggles with people not understanding what she wants or what she needs or what she is trying to say. That is until one day, she gets a communication device that becomes her voice box that changes everything.
The conflict in "Out of My Mind" is that Melody has thoughts, opinions, answers, questions, wants and needs, and they are all jumbled up in her head because she cannot speak. Before she gets her communication device, she gets easily frustrated with how simple the tools she has been given to communicate are. Her thoughts are so much more than the words taped to the tray of her wheelchair. Sometimes it is hard for her to get the things in her mind out and get others to understand it. They don't understand what is happening because she cannot get her point across. They don't understand that she cannot control the meltdowns either. Cerebral palsy means that you cannot shut it off at times, whether that means your arms, your legs, or you emotions.
Out of My Mind by Sharon M Draper
Author's Purpose
The author's purpose for "Out of My Mind" is to inform and entertain. Although it can be entertaining, it can be informative about what having a disability is like. The author created a story that for me was a page turner. Having a disability myself, each new situation at the edgeof my seat anticipating how she would get her point across, how people would treat her, how she would respond, and most of all, how her body would respond, because cerebral palsy is uncontrollable and has a mind of it's own.
Atheneum Books for Young Readers, an imprint of
Simon & Schuster Childrens Publishing Division, 2010
Main Characters
Mom and Dad
Mrs. V
At home, at Mrs. V's house, and 5th Grade at Spaulding Street School.
Everything that was in her mind that she wanted the chance to say, now had a chance to finally come out, thanks to the Medi-Talker. It allowed her the opportunity to test to be a part of the quiz bowl team. She got one of the highest grades and went on to compete in the quiz bowl. Even though some people were not so accepting of her new communication and still weren't sure how to accept it, Melody was happy because she finally felt like she was on a team.
Author's Mood
I loved this book because it opens your mind to things unseen, that you wouldn't necessarily see unless you have a disability. I felt a strong connection to Melody. I feel like I have shared some of the same challenges, but not to the extent of not being able to communicate. It opened my mind to the challenges that my nonverbal friends may face. I feel that everyone would benefit from reading this book, even though it is geared towards young readers. It will open your mind to things you may not have realized persons with disabilities face. It can help educate and inform the reader about what having a disability is like while still being entertaining. I hope everyone will read "Out of My Mind" by Sharon M Draper.

*Photos used are personal photos and Google Images.
The author of "Out of My Mind", Sharon M Draper wants the reader to feel everything that Melody was feeling. She wanted you to feel happy when Melody got her thoughts out, even if it was with her simple communication board. She wanted you to feel sad when Melody went to "baby classes when no one realized she was smart. She wanted you to feel frustrated when she could not get her point across. She wanted you to feel excited when Melody got her new Medi-Talker. She also wanted you to feel the challange of not being able to get her thoughts out. She wanted you to feel angry when people did not understand her. The author wanted you to feel embarrassment when people underestimated Melody. She wanted you to feel what it is like to be unchallenged and limited when Melody is listening to the same baby songs everyday, when she would prefer to be challanged.
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