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All About Me

A presentation all about myself Jake Pitts.

Jake Pitts

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of All About Me

Double click anywhere & add an idea Family All About ME Imediate: Mom-Sheri
Two Step Brothers-Sam and Max
Step Mom-Laura Extended: Grandmas Sue and Penny
Granpas Bob and Reg
Aunt Debbie
Uncle Rick
Cousins- to many Goals Short Term
Make 8th grade basketball team
Get a good first job
Become 8th grade percussion section leader. Long term: Get a good sponsor for skateboarding
Good education
Get a degree to become a chef.
Be respectful
Be a good family man
Interests Sports: Basketball


Skateboarding-do most

Music: Rock
Favorite song, Basket Case
Makes me happy :)
Play drums
Cooking: Cook meals
learn from dad
Friends Jake Wardle
Josh Broom
A.J. Strube
Audra Waddell
Faith Vineyard
Friendly with everyone else.

Personal Qualities Tallest in my family
Follow after my uncle
First musician
First Skateboarder
Stick in what i believe in.
By: Jake Pitts SkateBoarding Huge part of my life
Keeps me calm
A chalenge
Hope to go somewhere with it
6 years
Best friends Skate
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