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How does Junk Food impact in our modern society.

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bater bajj

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of How does Junk Food impact in our modern society.

How does Junk Food impact in our modern society.
Junk Food around us.
- By having Junk Food, people think they could save more money
- As people begin to spend more time working in their office, they do not have any time to cook.
- it's tasty, which gives more "Addiction" to eat more and more.
Quick ready to serve

- Many of the Fast food are cooked in deep fried, which gives more taste and more fat.
- People do not have to use any certain fork, or spoon.
Easy to access in to restaurants.
- Easy to eat the food, just using by your hand.
- As a variety of junk food became popular, it is easier to purchase them
Gives new Concept of eating food.
- one of the ways of socializing with friends or family together
It's Great

- 526 billion dollar industry

- name given to food that can be prepared or served quickly , often at fast food restaurants or markets where it sells packaged form for easy
take away/out.
- One of the biggest industries around the Globe
- There are 2.5% annual growth
- Word"Junk Food" added in Merrion - Webster dictionary in 1951
Junk Food
Fast Food
Processed Food
( or called "Snack Food)"
Categories of
What is

Junk Food ?
Doesn't it seem tasty just by looking at it?
For example, Fries, hamburger, soda pop are the most popular Junk food as already known.
Junk Food Industry
- there are Over hundreds and thousands of Junk food restaurant that can be found over 100 countries around the world
We can visualize Junk Food very commonly.
- Junk Food can be found at almost anywhere we go.
( School, Mall, any restaurants, Airport .etc)
(For example, one of the biggest Fast food chain company "McDonald" has over 33,000 chain restaurants in over 118 countries.)

Junk Food becomes people's basic nutritious diet.....
It led to three serious problems...
Government paid over spending on medical revenue.

Junk Food Industry has impact on our environment!!!
A vast amount of food, paper and plastic waste has been produced.
45,000 tons of plastic waste is dumped onto ocean every each year.
1 billions of can are wasted every year.
Junk food creates extra 8.46 tons of paper waste.
Cutting land for creating agriculture to feed animals
In Amazon Rainforest, estimated 18 million acres of land has cut down for usage as cattle ranch.
Different kind of waste are killing a lot of wild life and plants.
Each Year, One million sea birds and 100,000 marine mammals get killed by plastic litter.
It lead to serious air, water, and land pollution.
- having too much body fat may lead to certain health risks
- usually calculated by BMI ( body mass index)
High blood suger
Eat more food than you are supposed each day ( which is male = 2900, Female = 2100 )
No exercise at all
It causes about 20 different kind of diseases. But mainly,
Heart Diseases
Daily, consume fast food or junk food
high blood pressure
One of four people in the Us, visits fast food chains daily, eating about 3 hamburgers, and four meals of fries a week
32.2% of the population are obese, increasing as the time goes...
Food waste is the second largest component of waste
Junk Food industry use to put "event " that attract people from buying their product.
Junk Food industry put age-specific advertising campaign,
Toys for young children (Ex. Happy meal from MacDonald )
Gaming systems or smartphones for young teen
Winning Money ( ex. Monopoly ) for adults
Average kid sees estimated 10,000 TV advertisement for Junk Food, so many young children started to adapt to consuming junk food daily.
Junk food industry spends over $ 4.2 billion in advertisement per year
Scholarships or upgrade returns
Putting Playground or gaming system to attract children
Hire famous celebrities or athletics to advertise
Send coupons through E-mail or post mail
Host event like "Music festival" or stand-up comedy...etc
Green Energy
creating eco-friendly practices that help profits by lowering utility costs
green restaurant to show customers save resources and reduce pollution.
flyers, suggestive selling, website and take-out and delivery menus to get more customers
For example,
Issue - Obesity
As more people began to eat junk food, enormous number of people already turned in to obesity or over weight....and it will increase..
liver diseases
coronary artery disease
and more....
United States
In 2015, WHO (World Health organization) predict, there will be over 2.3 billion adults and over 700 million children would be either obese or overweight
Medical expanses
Top Six Obese & Diabetes countries
1.Nauru - 56% of population are Obese and 30.7% has Diabetes
2. Tonga - 56% of population are obese
4. Saudi Arabia - 35.6% of population are obese and 16.7% has diabetes
3. French Polynesia - 40.9% of population are obese
5. United Arab Emirates - 33.7% of population are obese and 19.5% has diabetes
6. U.S.A - 32.2% of population are obese
( Canada has 17% of obese and overweight from whole population )
2.8 million of people are dying because of obese and overweight
If you consume
way that Junk food take our brain
- Unlike other food, Junk Food is way cheaper to buy with.
people like Junk Food ?
It is more inexpensive than healthy food
things like Chemicals, Fat, and sugar will take over our brain to control more Junk Food
Sara Leibowitz
Rockafellor University
in New York
" hormonal changes from full on fat and sugar causes brain changes normally connect with addiction drugs such as
likely cost of health care in
in 2013
$2.3 trillion
are spent annually on
Health Care
$750 billion
Nearly Spending 20% of country's GDP
- More and more amounts of money will be in Health Care annually.
Medical Expanse is one of the biggest causes of Bankrupt.
Nearly, 2 million people are bankrupt affected by paying medical expense.
As problem from Junk food became a Globe issue,
Many health organizations began to criticize the industry.
Documentary like
Super Size Me
Fast Food Nation
Oh! I Was seriously surprised by Knowing this fact from the Documentaries!
Inside of Secret barrier,
Inject hormone to grow faster, and fed with corn to let them gain enough fat they wanted.
Well, Junk food industry put some healthy food ( they called ) like salad or fruit juice
But they did not gave up their main goal.
there are various kind of way
Will you still eat Junk Food even what impact on your

Thank you for your patience !
Chips and Cookies
, a neurobiologist
- Exercise ( Ex. sport )
- consuming healthy food
Site - Information

In Us, over 13% of country school have a fast food franchise
By increasing number of people every year, Fast food industry began to have problem with speed of producing meat.
So, their Solution were...
Ship the fat animals to
Since most of the fat cannot bring enough taste, they add chemical ingredient in to it.
And the product produce..
( ex. animals like cow cannot fully disgust the corn because cow's body system is develop to consume grass )
Americans eat over 16 pounds of french fries every year.
of Junk Food

Originally came from hamburg, Germany, which was their popular preparation.
began to popular at 1904, world's fair at st.Louis.
Fried Chicken
Existed in medieval time, as when iron cooking equipment began to popular at 19 century.
become americans basic product after introduced by Scottish immigrants
Ice Cream
Back in 60 A.D, emperor Nero ordered ice from mountain and combine with nectar, fruit pulps and honey.
In 13 century, Marco Polo learned how to create ice and milk mixture in chinese method and brought back to Europe.
some people says, it was originally from netherland, which was their traditional sweetened cake in fried oil.
other says, it was invented from american - born, Hanson Gregory in 1847
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