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Macromolecue Project

No description

Gunner Hardway

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of Macromolecue Project

Carbohydrates are commonly referred to as what? - Sugars
Example of a carbohydrate monomer - Glucose
Example of a carbohydrate polymer - sucrose
Function of carbohydrates - Numerous, energy
How carbohydrates relate to the food pyramid - it's a nessesscity
What percent of food consumption should be carbohydrates - 2:1 ratio to protein
What foods supply carbohydrates? Sugars, Starches, fruits
Provide three illustrated examples of carbohydrate food - potato, bread, candy
Where are carbohydrates fond in the body? In the liver and muscles in the form of glycogen
Group name - Amino acid
Protein monomer - Amino Acid
Protein polymer - proteins
Function of proteins - many, provide energy, nessescary to the organisms
How proteins relate to the food pyramid - toward the top
Portion of food consumption should be proteins - 2 - 3 servings
What foods supply protein? Meats, nuts, fish
Three illustrated examples of protein foods - Peanuts, fish, beans
Where are proteins found in the body? Everywhere
Lipid monomer - fatty acids
Lipid polymer - triglycerides
Function of lipids - energy reserve
How lipids relate to food pyramid - use sparingly
What portion of food percent should be lipids? Not much
What foods supply lipids? fats and oils
Provide three examples of lipids foods - Soy, bean, corn, sunflower seeds
Where are lipids found in the body? Fat cells
Nucleic Acids
Nucleic acid monomer - Nucleotide
Nucleic acid polymer - Polynucleotides
Function of Nucleic Acids - Store and transmot genetic material
Why Nucleic Acids do not appear on the food pyramid - Present in all organic life
If there is no food group that is designated for nucelic acids then where do they come from? Locacted in all living beings
Even though Nucleic Acids are not on the food pyramid explain why they are stil important to human development - Building blocks of living organisms
9/19/13, 2nd hour
Gunner Hardway
Destiny Wallace
Macromolecue Project
Group name - Aldehyde
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