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my Mae West Project

a project for my class

Angel Arce

on 6 April 2010

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Transcript of my Mae West Project

The legendary Mae West
Before there was Marilyn and before there was Madonna there was Mae West.West was known as a actress,playwrtiter,and a sex symbol.She was
born on August 17, 1893 in
Bushwick,New York.Ever since she was
a toddler her parents saw talent in her.It was
then finally at the age of 7 she appeared in
amateur shows.At the age of 14 she began
preforming professianly.At first she worked
under the stage name " Baby Mae"but as she grew
older she grew out of it and went by her full name.
Her first appearance in a actual Broadway
show was in 1911 "Revue A La Broadway"
put on by her former dancing teacher,
Ned Wayburn She then appeared in a show
called "Vera Violetta," whose cast featured
another newcomer, Al Jolson.
In 1918 she started to write her own
plays and went under the pen name Jane Mast.
In 1926 she wrote the play"Sex"it was very
successful for about a year until it got her
in trouble with the New York Police Department.They
charged her and her company of obscenity( Sexualy offends prevalent sexual morality.).West was sent
to 10 days in jail, getting out two days early for good behavior. The resulting publicity increased her fame.
Finally in 1980 November 22 she
died of stroke at the age of 87.Mae West
lived a long and and good life without her we
probably wouldn't have the woman we have today.
The END....
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