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Graphics & Marketing Restructured

No description

Kat Shanahan

on 15 November 2014

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Transcript of Graphics & Marketing Restructured

Graphics & Marketing Restructured
Kat Shanahan | UC Promotions Coordinator UW-Whitewater | @KaSh18
Meeting Departmental Needs
Increase Productivity
Enhance Student Learning
Tools and Tricks
Preliminary Results
Approx. 8% increase in forms completed

Approx. 44% increase in number of promotional pieces created
Experience working with clients

Considering marketing needs

Contributing to measurable goals for departments
Project Management System: Trello

Graphic Request Form: iAnnotate

Weekly Full Departmental Meetings
Show and tell
Achieving buy-in

Contribute to the overall departmental success

More detailed and consistent project management
Students managing their own workload and could plan projects accordingly

Message Design Assistant able to help with reformatting

Students able to work autonomously due to the project management system and graphic request form process
The Office
Three ares of focus
Meeting departmental needs

Increase productivity

Increase student learning
4 Graphic Artists/Account Managers
1 lead designer
Each Account Managers is responsible for three departments

1 Student Manager/Marketing Student

1 Videographer

1 Message Design Assistant
ACUI Region V Conference | Northern Illinois University | Nov. 15, 2014
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