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survivors the empty city book project

this is a book project on the book Suvivors The Empty City by Erin Hunter

kyler rachael

on 15 February 2014

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Transcript of survivors the empty city book project

In the beginning of the book, Lucky is in a dream about when he was in his pup pack and when his mom would tell him and the others stories.
Lucky's dream
the growl, the escape and the destruction
The adventure to a good home!
The fierce dogs to the end.
The characters and theme
When Lucky wakes up he his in a trap house (a pound) he called for the dog next to him
her name was Sweet and slightly after he found her there was a shaking. It was the big growl (an earth quake) the walls started to break.
The big growl
After the walls fell Lucky smelt death, Sweet got out so did Lucky but his paw was cut. Lucky and Sweet were the only survivors . When they got out there was broken houses and everything was broken and destroyed and everything that wasn't broken was cracked.
The devastation
Lucky and Sweet decided to find some food and when they were about to catch something, Lucky shouted and scared away the prey. He said to go to the Food house that longpaws always gave him food when they got there nobody gave them food and when they got in they found somebody. There was a piece of furniture on him. When he petted Lucky, Lucky smelt the death smell and the guy stopped petting him. They left after they found no food and Sweet decided to leave to find a pack of dogs but Lucky was a lone dog so he did not go.
The scavenge for food
Lucky explored for a while when he saw someone with meat he ran for it but the longpaws protection dog ran after Lucky and he didn't get any meat. He lost the dog by jumping over a big crack in the ground and after that he was tired so he slept in a longpaw noise machine (a car). The following morning, he decided to go into a mall that the longpaws always kept dogs out of. He went into a room and he found his hunting buddy, OldHunter. Lucky saved his life so OldHunter gave him a piece of meat.
The exploration
When Lucky went out of the meat room he was going to go on a longpaw cushion (a bed), when some foxes ran after him. Eventually he escaped and ran under a table when they found him a sort of pack of leashed dogs came and rescued him. And scared off the foxes their names were Bruno, Bella/ Lucky's sister (old name Squeak) Daisy, Mickey, Martha, saved Lucky after that Lucky shared his meat with them after they rested for a little while they all left back to there longpaw houses. Then once they were all at them, Lucky was in Bella's house there was another big growl all the dogs rushed outside when. when they heard a loud howling they remembered Alfie.
The foxes
Alfie was trapped in his house. Alfie was kind of in their pack. But he didn't come with them to the mall they were going to go in and try to save him but Bella protested. Because she didn't want Lucky to die. Lucky and Bruno tried to save him but there was wire in the only opening. Lucky had and idea he went in Bella's house and grabbed Bella's bed. So they pushed it against the wire. Then Lucky and Bruno got in and got Alfie from under the chair and they got out. Then everyone celebrated.
Into the wild
Lucky and Bella started to argue about why Bella said not to go to save Alfie. Then they all heard a yelp. It was from Daisy she went to her house and their was a terrible smell. Lucky went to rescue her and he beraley made it out Daisy seemed dead and when they were about to leave she woke up. Lucky said they had to leave to the wild they all went back to their own houses to grab an item that reminded them of their longpaws. When they left for the wild they soon found a river Alfie rushed to it but Lucky beat him there. This was no river, it was a river of oil.
Into the wild
part 2
After a while of looking around they found a good river they swam around and when they got out they noticed Bruno was drowning Lucky was racing to the water when he was pushed out of the way by Martha, and she saved Bruno. Then they found out Martha can swim because of her webbed feet. They made a house in a bush and bedded it with leaves. The team started to learn to hunt starting with bugs which they liked quite well. When they started to hunt bigger animals Mickey had the idea of trapping the prey between two groups the idea worked pretty well. Later Lucky and some of the others went exploring and they found a human car.
The perfect home
The fierce dogs took them as prisoners. Then Lucky went into the big house and hid and suddenly he thought of an idea. He went out side and made very rude comments about the fierce dogs. He ran around and made and escape for the others. But Lucky was stuck Blade would have caught him but Lucky bit his neck till he tasted blood and he ran. Lucky was able to escape by the hole the others made. When Lucky got up the mountain he though the others had left him but he was wrong they went up to him and gave him a dog hug. They went back home and when Lucky told the story about the fierce dogs, Lucky said they had to leave.
The escape
They left and when they saw a longpaw half of them went up to him. The longpaw gave a warning shot with his gun. Eventually they left and found a great new home with another river. Before they found the new home everyone but Mickey buried their longpaw items. Lucky was convinced to stay one last night. The others made him a feast with deer, squirrels, and lots of other animals. Lucky got to take the first bite of everything, then the others joined in. In the morning, Lucky left them and went into the woods. Lucky heard a noise, a dog yelled, "This is our territory!" Lucky started to run back to them.
The end?
Lucky, Sweet, Alfie, Bella, Sunshine, Bruno, Mickey, Daisy, Martha.
The main characters were:
The theme was that there are changes happening and that you have to learn to live with them.
The Theme was:
The trap house
Around the city
The mall
Bella's house
The remains of Alfie's house
The outside of Daisy's house
The wild
The fierce dog garden
The settings were:
Survivors the Empty City
by Erin Hunter
retold by Kyler Rachael

The settings.
My feelings
My feelings about the book are:
the book is really good and I
recommend it to you if you like
adventure and you can handle animals
or people dying.
They pulled the cushion out of the car and they set back home. When they got home the others had made a refrigerator kind of thing with the side of the river to save some food. Later Alfie found lots of dogs and they had lots of food! Lucky, Daisy, Bella, and Alfie went to find the dogs when they got there nobody was there. So everyone but Lucky went in and ate. Then the fierce dogs got there.
The meeting with the fierce dogs.
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