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Ich bin nach ___________ gegangen

No description

Jamie Woodring

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of Ich bin nach ___________ gegangen

Ich bin nach ___________ gegangen
Choose your flight.

Use the German site to find the cost of your flight in Euros.

Choose the dates and length of time you will visit.
Choose the city you will fly into.
You are flying out of DTW.

Will you need a connecting flight or train?

Choose your hotel/hostel.
Use the German site to find the cost of your hotel or hostel in Euros.

Many cities have their own websites that will advertise for nice hotels, you maybe able to find a link once you have decided where you will go.

Choose the dates and length of time you will visit
Wohin bist du gegangen?
First choose a country: visit the following sites to choose an exciting site or festival to visit.



Die Schweiz:

Describe your plans.
Use the notes we took in class to describe a trip you took. What did you see, where did you go, and what local specialties did you eat.

This will be in German, so if you need to simplify, do. The rest of the class will need to understand it, too.
Put it together
Create a power point, prezi or poster to help illustrate your vacation.

Your presentations will begin Friday, March 14th.
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