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Climate and Meteorology Collaboration Option

Created by Haley Starkey and Mylie Dean. Earth/Space Science

Haley Starkey

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of Climate and Meteorology Collaboration Option

Mylie Dean, Haley Starkey Climate and Meteorology Collaboration Option 7-Day Weather Forecast
Anchorage, Alaska (Mylie) Sunday: High 14°, low 2°
Chance of precipitation: 0%
Partly cloudy

Monday: High 24°, low 16°
Chance of precipitation: 20%
Mostly cloudy

Tuesday: High 24°, low 16°
Chance of precipitation: 20%
Partly cloudy Tips For Citizens of Anchorage
(Mylie) Sunday: You should dress in very warm clothing. All outdoor activities should be safe to continue and no weather precautions all day.

Monday: You should dress in warm attire. Take precaution with outdoor activities and traveling due to a chance of snow.

Tuesday: You should dress warmly and take precautions with outdoor activities and traveling due to chance of precipitation today. Anchorage, Alaska London, England
Wednesday: High 25°, low 21°
Chance of precipitation: 20%

Thursday: High 24°, low 17°
Chance of precipitation: 30%
Scattered snow showers

Friday: High 24°, low 18°
Chance of precipitation: 10%
Mostly sunny Saturday: High 26°, low 16°
Chance of precipitation: 10%
Partly cloudy 7-Day Weather Forecast
London, England (Haley) Sunday: High 48°, low 38°
Chance of precipitation: 70%

Monday: High 48°, low 38°
Chance of precipitation: 20%
Mostly cloudy

Tuesday: High 53°, low 48°
Chance of precipitation: 40%
Rain showers/wind Wednesday: High 50°, low 44°
Chance of precipitation: 60%
Rain showers

Thursday: High 48°, low 42°
Chance of precipitation: 10%

Friday: High 47°, low 42 °
Chance of precipitation: 20%
AM clouds/PM sun Saturday: High 46°, low 41 °
Chance of precipitation: 0%
Mostly cloudy Wednesday: Dress warmly today due to low temperatures and cloudiness and take precautions due to chance of precipitation.

Thursday: You should dress very warm today and take precautions due to scattered snow showers.

Friday: You should dress warmly today and take slight precautions due to a 10% chance of precipitations even though it is supposed to be mostly sunny. Saturday: You should dress warmly today due to cold temperatures and minimal sunshine and take slight precautions due to slight precipitation chances. Tips For Citizens of London
(Haley) Sunday: Dress for cold, rainy
weather today. Be extra care-
ful on all roadways, and watch
your event schedules for can-
cellations that may be caused
due to flash flooding. In the case
of a flood, evacuate to higher

Monday: Be sure to dress for
chilly weather today! There is
a slight chance of rain, and con-
tinue to be cautious for any
flooding that accumulated yeste-
rday. Tuesday: Today calls for wind,
rain, and cold weather. Dress
warmly and secure any loose
items on the lawns of your homes.

Wednesday: Rain is likely today. The
temperature is going to be about as cold
as it has all week. Be careful on roadways
and refrain from boating if at all possible,
for conditions could be dangerous.

Thursday: Dress yourself in warm
attire! There is a very slim chance
of precipitation today. Friday: Dress for cool weather conditions. There
should be clouds in the morning, but sun in the
afternoon! Enjoy the clear weather. Saturday: There is no chance of preci-
pitation today. Dress for chilly weather. Introduction Weather varies from location to location around the world. As you will observe in this presentation, the weather in Anchorage, AK and the weather in London, UK very much differ from one another. This causes citizens to have to adjust to conditions accustomed to their area. What is the weather like for you today? Personal Reflections & Conclusions In conclusion, weather plays a crucial role in the lives of people worldwide. Weather is also different in various locations of the world, and can help people make decisions about their day-to-day existence (ex: attire). Both participants of this project enjoyed researching their specific locations (Anchorage, AK and London, UK) and have taken this opportunity to better understand how weather affects them.
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