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Nespresso Marketing Strategy

No description

Laura Lei

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Nespresso Marketing Strategy

The Nespresso 3 Key Growth Drivers Creating highest quality Grand Cru Coffees: Nespresso in unique, and its capsules contain the finest selection of coffees from around the world, in fact, in 2003 the company launched the Nespresso AAA Quality Program.

Creating long-lasting consumer relationships: One of the most important things for Nespresso is the relationship with their club members and consumers.

Creating sustainable Buisness success: The company has maintained its focus on delivering high quality and innovation in a sustainable way. Nespresso Club The Nespresso Club guarantees your enjoyment of the perfect espresso, every day. It is dedicated to providing the ultimate coffee experience. How you can join the club? It's very simple: after buying a machine, go to Nespresso's website and sign-in! SWOT As we know, SWOT analysis is an important tool for auditing the overall strategic position of a business and its environment and in this case it’s usefull for define the key objectives of the Nespresso. Marketing Strategy M. Domeniconi | M. Giacchini | L. Lei | A. Perziano | A. Sartori | M. Sbrighi
THE END. The Nespresso System:
designed coffee machine, individually-portioned aluminum capsules. 1976 Éric Favre invented the Nespresso system. 1988 The product became a market success thanks to Jean-Paul Gaillard. The firm signed a contract with Turmix and with many other companies later. First patent application for Nespresso's process . 1990 1996 3 2 1 The coffee machines and capsules History luxury elegance unique experience Target Nespresso targets a rich clientele (high incomes) to affirm its brand image. We shall base ourselves on general criterion of behaviour and attitudes which send back for example to the average consumed quantity (the young people consume very little coffee and buy it very rarely), in the fidelity to the distribution channel, in the requirement with regard to products and to customs of use of the product (a young person has even no consumer habits of coffee). Indeed, the young people express mostly their social position by their physical appearance while 35 to 49 years old distinguish themselves by what they possess. People from 35 to 49 years of High social Class Lifestyle Keywords Luxury Emotional coffee taste Semplicity Exclusive Club Botiques Unforgettable sophistication The spot - George Clooney identifies himself perfectly in a role: he is very expensive. Miss Volluto, reports Clooney in the condition of magician of the suitcase.
- Exchange of the luggage with Miss Volluto and notice when opening it, find lingerie and silk instead of its stock of Decaffeinated Intense variant Volluto.
- Meeting for the exchange (of desires) between the two takes place in one of the Nespresso boutique armed only with dark suits and trolley shell of metal.
- Finally Miss Volluto goes Clooney and remains only his Decaffeinated. Intense. This type of operation is called the "business to business". BUSINESS TO BUSINESS A type of commerce transaction that exists between businesses Mini-shops called "Botique"
As near as possible to customers
Look: elegant, silver or wood rifinitures
Smell of coffee aroma Payment: credit-card or cash at the moment of the delivery. Two ways: online sales and shops. NESPRESSO'S SHOPS ONLINE SHOPS
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