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Making Music... Literally

Appalachian State University, Orff-Schulwerk Level I Special Topics July 9, 2013

Eric Young

on 8 July 2013

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Transcript of Making Music... Literally

Making Music... Literally!
Grant from Montgomery County Public Schools

2 day project

Orff specialist and marimba guru Brent Holl led the project www.Beatinpathpublications.com

Years of music making to come
Make Your Own Marimba
by: Jon Madin
This manual contains illustrated instructions form making your own marimbas. It includes instructions for these instruments:

Box-resonated diatonic marimba for 3 players
Pipe-resonated diatonic marimba for 3 players
Bass marimba for 2 players
Understanding Sound
Understanding Vibration
Connections to Math
Connections to Science
Working Together
Tangible representation of hard work
Lasting Musical Legacy
Used as a resonator
Thin wall PVC
Kiln-dryed wood
Hard, yet resonant
Mahogony, Paduk, Rosewood, Cherry
Tools of the Trade

Wood Chisel
Rubber Mallets (Hammer)
Mallets (for playing)
Sand paper blocks
Here We Go!
Students in grades PK-2 smoothed and sanded the bars
3rd-5th (and adults) chipped, chiseled, and tuned the bars....
and no one got hurt or lost a finger!! WIN!
Final Steps
Ready to get some polyurethane to keep
the bars in tune!
TA - DA!
Maria Eakin, a Radford University student teacher at Price’s Fork Elementary School, helps test part of music teacher Eric Young’s bass marimba. Last week, all students at the school got a chance to chip in and sanded 18 slabs of mahogany to create the marimba.

Marimba Memaw:
Fun for all ages!
Let's Make Some Music!
by: Walt Hampton from Marimba Mojo
Welcome to Orff at ASU!
.............Uniquely Appalachian!
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