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How does fermentation play a role in antibiotics and medicin

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katera Johnson

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of How does fermentation play a role in antibiotics and medicin

Before starting the process of fermentation the antibiotic-producing organisms must be isolated.
Seed tanks are then used, because they are an ideal environment for microorganisms to grow. They are filled with things microorganisms need, such as carbohydrates, as well as equipped with mixers, and pumped with filtered sterilized air. After 24-28 hours the materials are moved to fermentation tanks.
The fermentation tanks are larger and also an environment for growing microorganisms. The organisms grow and multiply creating large quantities of the desired antibiotic.
After a few days the most of the antibiotic that was going to be produced has been produced, and the isolation process can begin.
Fermentation broth is processed by purifying methods, and to isolate oil soluble antibiotics a solvent extraction method is used.
The broth is then treated with organic solvents which dissolves the antibiotic.
The dissolved antibiotic is left a purified powder. ( Chowdhury, 2012)

Alexus: examples
The beer and wine brewing processes use a fermentation period to allow the yeast to burn down the sugars into an alcohol.
Kombucha is also a fermented drink sold health food stores. It contains a fermented fungus and is considered to be a healthy cleanser.

Asian Bean Paste is typically made of fermented beans and adds to the texturing and flavoring of many soy and miso dishes.

Honey also begins to ferment over a period of time. Continued exposure to oxygen and hydrogen can cause it to ferment and actually create a similar byproduct to that of alcohol. This process was used by the Vikings in the early days to make a Honey Mead. Honey Mead is also the only type of Alcohol a Muslim can actually imbibe without breaking the literal word of Allah.
The alcohol content of most wines is about 12%. The alcohol is produced by the fermentation of the natural sugar in grape juice by yeast. What might explain why the alcohol content is not higher?

bud. (2011). Innovators, deep fermentation and antibiotics: promoting applied science before and after the second world war. Dynamis, 31(2), Retrieved from http://scielo.isciii.es/scielo.php?pid=S0211 95362011000200004&script=sci_arttext

How does fermentation play a role in antibiotics and medicine?
Destyny: Descriptions
Catera: Questions
what must happen to the antibiotic producing organisms before starting the process of fermentation?
Catera Johnson
Alexus Worrford
Desiree Barnes
Deystny Morgan.
Desiree: History
after the second world war scientist discovered how to use fermentation to make penicillin.(Bud,2011)
What does penicillin mean?
It means any oafter the second world war scientist discovered how to use fermentation to make penicillin.(Bud,2011)
What does penicillin mean?
It means any of a group of antibiotics with powerful bactericidal action, used to treat many types of infections, including pneumonia, gonorrhea, and infections caused by streptococci and staphylococci
when did the scientist discover how to use fermentation to make penicillin?
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