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A Level - Akram Khan

'The Collaborators'

Hannah Martin

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of A Level - Akram Khan

Learning outcomes:

Solidify learning of Akram Khan and Sidi Larbi's movement style
Identify the other collaborators involved in the making of Zero Degrees
Analyse their involvement in the piece and how it contributed to the work overall A Level Dance
Akram Khan - 'The Collaborators' Antony Gormley and Nitin Sawhney In your groups:

Using your notes from the DVD and the resources that you've already been given, come up with five questions (and answers) for the opposite group to answer about your given collaborator. DVD Interview Watch the section of the interview where Khan and Cherkaoui talk about the other collaborators in Zero Degrees and take notes. Starter Activity: In your two teams:

In 2 minutes, write up on the white board as much information as you can about either Akram Khan or Sidi Larbi's movement style.

After two minutes the opposite team with check your answers and add in any missing information.

The team with the least amount of added points wins! Antony Gormley and Nitin Sawhney Give your questions to the opposite group ... Antony Gormley and Nitin Sawhney Mark the questions from the opposite group and feedback their score. Homework ...Keep revising all the information we have covered. In the first lesson back I will be testing your knowledge! ... Answer the questions that the group have given you. The group with the most amount of correct answers wins! This is our last lesson now until after half term... From after half term until Christmas we will also be working on the solo for your exam. It is SO important that you don't forget all the work we have done so far. Conduct some reseacrh on BOTH Antony Gormley and Nitin Sawhney
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