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No description

Aislinn Cantwell

on 21 February 2013

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Industry Analysis WOK THIS WAY demand: Siam Thai, Diep, Hot Wok etc.

Ramen, udon, soba, cellophane and rice noodles: exotic and a healthy option so demand

High-fibre foods are greatly demanded.

Ethnic food= fastest growing trend in Europe.

Growth in technology has encouraged consumers to try new foods. health conscious population: more flexitarian meals and grains expected to be in restaurants.

Promote healthy eating: Ramen is a huge trend within this industry; product specialisation and healthy meals.

food costs within the industry. BUSINESSES RECENTLY ENTERED/EXITED ENTERED: INDUSTRY GROWNING/DECLINING? Essentially we are new competitors

To Date: Only 1 noodle bar “Yamamori”. Located on George's street, Setup in 1995

Can we turn this negative into a positive? YES

They have executed dishes and their image. Mimic their style and capitalise from their success

They're a sitdown restaurant (no takeaway) NEW COMPETITORS Group 9 INDUSTRY DEMAND INDUSTRY WIDE TRENDS QUESTIONS? EXITED: Yo' Thai
Donnybrook (2010) Tokidoki noodle bar
Lord Edward Street (2012) More branches coming soon Baggot street
Tallaght TARGET MARKET DIT = 20,000 students
TCD = 11,400 students Brown Thomas
River Island
Topshop Grafton street: Ireland's most famous shop street
George's street: “A must see”
They will want quick, on-the-go lunches STUDENTS WORK FORCE Large workforce SHOPPERS •Food industry will never decline, however it is subject to trends and high competition

•Food in Dublin City is growing, e.g. burritos, Thai/wok take away

•Growing market. However the demand for the contemporary fast food outlets such as McDonalds and Burger King

•People more health and money conscious.

•Business plan must be correct, 50/50 whether you get it right or wrong.
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