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social psych

Group violence

Havah Bilow

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of social psych

Group Violence Similarities - In both films, there was an authoritarian leader
Jack in "The Lord
of the Flies" Sal in "The Beach" - People tended to flock more toward the Authoritarian leader, rather than the authoritative leader Differences - Group of people on The Beach wanted to be there, while group of people in Lord of the Flies were stranded and wanted to go back home
- The groups were faced with the questions:
, “How much are you willing to sacrifice for your own pleasure?” “How much are you willing to do in order to survive?”

1.) Zimbardo's Prison experiment
Randomly divided a group of mentally healthy students into guards and inmates to stimulate a prison on campus. After only six days the guards had become sadistic and abusive towards the inmates both mentally and physically. The experiment had to be stopped due to the severity of the role playing. Philip G Zimbardo. (2006). On rethinking the psychology of tyranny: The BBC prison study. The British Journal of Social Psychology,1 45, 47-53. Retrieved April 26, 2010, from ProQuest Psychology Journals. (Document ID: 1025048771). 2.)Noah E Friedkin and Group Polarization
Interviewed group members privately about their opinions on an issue. The member then underwent a conversation with the group discussing the issue at hand, pairs were formed to discuss in depth then change partners so that the entire group was then connected. (PICTURE 1 goes in here) After the group members reached an agreement the individuals were interviewed again to discuss their opinions. Although this only sometimes produces convergence, the study does show that the general opinion shifts and can be weighted more when the issue directly affects group memebers.
Noah E Friedkin. (1999). Choice shift and group polarization. American Sociological Review, 64(6), 856-875. Retrieved April 26, 2010, from ProQuest Psychology Journals. (Document ID: 48247828).
Knowing grows and the love expands to hold it! -The shack Imagine someone you know so well.
Danger of grouping people the Masses What if we got to know
one another?
Would knowing prohibit
genocides? African americans, doctors,
females, white people,
jewish, christiam, muslim. Categories..Have you ever done it?
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