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Brief social and economic history of the Philippines.

Terrence Roberts

on 21 May 2010

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Transcript of Philippines

Philippines 2009 GDP $160.991 Billion Per Capita $1745 Social History Controlled by Japan during WWII Ferdinand Marcos became president in 1965 Current president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. 2009 population was 91,983,000. Economy 48th largest economy in the world. Unemployment rate of 7.6%. Transitioning from agriculture to manufacturing and services. 32.9% living below the poverty line. Labor force of 37.89 million. Imports are electronic products, mineral fuels, machinery and transport equipment, iron and steel, textile fabrics, grains, chemicals, plastic. Exports are semiconductors and electronic products, transport equipment, garments, copper products, petroleum products, coconut oil, fruits. The End 12th most populated country. Location of the Bataan Death March. One way we could help the country is by donating clothing to area's of high poverty.
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