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My World of Sound

The reasoning behind picking an audio engineering major.

Roland Wright

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of My World of Sound

What Is Audio Production? Jobs From A.E.
Conclusion Why Major In It? What am I to Do? There are many jobs in the audio production field such as: audio engineers, production technicians, mixers, and many more jobs. Why not? It's an interesting little known feild that is picking up major interest. It's an easy major but the results will change your out look on life. As technology increases, the feild expands. With every peice of new equipment, more people are needed to work it. It is simply the creation, recreation and manipulation of sound waves to fit whatever project your doing. In the studio, the producers are the sound creators when they make the track. They recreate certain parts to make the track work and manipulate the sound until the levels are worked out.
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