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Organic coffee in Mozambique

No description

Jon Nelson

on 17 March 2011

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Transcript of Organic coffee in Mozambique

Our Proposal... There is a high demand for organic coffee but only a few countries like Mozambique have the climate to produce it. This makes organic coffee an extremely valuable product and could generate Mozambique a lot of profit. Coffee plants like these can be picked by the people of Mozambique to help decrease the 21 percent unemployment rate. Not only does Mozambique have the right climate for coffee-growing but it also has easy access to international trade. -To promote the growing of organic coffee in Mozambique. Mozambique gets approximately 80 inches of rainfall a year which makes water a plentiful resource there. Because of this availability growing coffee could be a sustainable economy. In addition, Mozambique is home to countless lakes and rivers such as Lake Nyasa to the south. They could use lakes like these to irrigate to coffee trees. 81% of the economic exports of Mozambique are agricultural. This means that there are tons of agricultural landspace to use for coffee growing, and it would have no further environmental impact then what was already there. The government can use this profit for the benefit of the people. For Example, Mozambique needs better healthcare systems; only 50% of the population has access to an acceptable level of health care. The profit generated by these local coffee companies could help the government pay for better healthcare and enhance the standard of living. The coffee would be organic and would not harm Mozambique's environment. Thanks for listening to our proposal.
We hope you buy some organic coffee soon!
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