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Timeline of Chris McCandless Journey

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rachel ivy

on 10 January 2014

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Transcript of Timeline of Chris McCandless Journey

Timeline of Chris McCandless Journey
Atlanta, GA
"Chris graduates from Emory University in Atlanta, where he'd been a columnist for, and editor of, the student news paper,
the Emory Wheel
, and had distinguished himself as a history and anthropology major with a 3,75 grade-point average,He was offered membership in Phi Beta Kappa but declined, insisting that titles and honors are irrelevant" (Krakauer 20)
May 1990
This implies Chris is young, well educated, intelligent, and about to start his life. Emory has a 29% admitted rate, so him getting in means that he is brilliant and knows what he is doing. this distinguishes him from other people who have gone to Alaska to live off the land because he is well educated and knew what he was getting into.
June 1990
"Chris's parents had heard nothing from their son since they;d received his grades in the mail, so they decided to drive down to Atlanta for a visit. when they arrive at his apartment it was empty and a
for rent
sign was taped to the window." (Krakauer 22)
After sending his parents his final transcript he cuts off his connection from his family because he wanted a new life for himself. he also changed his name from 'Chris McCandless' to 'Alexander Supertramp.' this would make it harder for his family to try and contact him.
Mojave Desert
July 10, 1990
"There would be thickets of red tape to negotiate and fines to pay. His parents would no doubt be contacted. But there was a way to avoid such aggravation: He could simply abandon the Datsun and resume hid odyssey on foot. And that's what he decided to do." (Krakauer 29)
He can't rely on the car for transportation or shelter and has to hitchhike. The car was unlocked and the floorboards were covered in mud due to the flash flood. The car contained: Gianini guitar, a garbage bad full of clothes, a football, fishing rd and tackle, electric razor, jumper cables, 25 pounds of rice, and the keys to the car. When he abandoned his car he didn't take these necessary items with him. He doesn't want any contact from his family so he left the car and headed out on foot with very little than he had before.
1982 yellow Datsun B210
Chris's car
Topock AZ
"while he was in town, he noticed a secondhand aluminum canoe for sale and on an impulse decided to buy it and paddle it down the Colorado River to the Gulf of California, nearly four hundred miles to the south, across the border with Mexico" (Krakauer 32)
The journey of him going south later makes him believe that he can do the same on Alaska. this is the start of his journey in another country and before he goes to Alaska. The canoe provides him a faster means of transportation and makes it easier to sneak into Mexico.
October 28, 1990
August 10, 1990
'McCandless had been ticketed for hitchhiking near Willow Creek, in the gold-mining countyr east of Eureka. In an uncharacteristic lapse, McCandlessgave his parents' Annandale adress when the arresting officer demanded to know his permanent placeof residence. the unpaid ticket appeared in Walt and Billie's mailbox at the end of August." (Krakauer 31)
when his parents received the ticket, they became concerned and frantic. they hired Peter Kalitka, a private investigator who worked with the DIA and CIA. when Chris left his car, he did so to avoid contact with his parents. However the ticket let his parents know what he had been doing and where.
Willow Creek, California
Washington D.C.
December 1990
" He learned from a inspection of tax records that Chris had given away his college fun to OXFAM."
This action scared his parents. They didn't know what he could be doing or why he would leave his car. This raises questions like: how is he getting by? Is he still alive? What other stuff has he gotten into? Chris resents his family and they are always trying to get at something. Example: 'yet they ignore what I say and think I'd actually accept a new car from them! I'm going to have to be real careful not to accept any gifts from them in the future because they will think they brought my respect'(Karkauer 21) It seems like they care about him or they wouldn't have gone through the trouble to hire a one of the best private investigators.
EL Golfo de Santa CLara
December 10, 1990
'By fantastic chance he comes upon Mexican duck hunting guides who can speak English. He tells them his story and his quest for the sea. they say there is no outlet to the sea. but then one among them agrees to tow Alex back to his basecamp [behind a small motor skiff], and drive Alex and the Canoe [in the bed of a pickup truck] to the ocean. it is a miracle.' (Krakauer 35)
The duck hunting guides help him to reach his destination. Alex notes in his journal it is a miracle when he finds them. He also notes that he finds Mexicans to be more friendly and hospitable than Americans. the duck hunting guides proved this. Without their help it is vary unlikely he would have made it to El Golfo de Santa Clara.
January 11, 1991
" He had not seen or talked to another soul for 36 days for that time period he subsisted on nothing but five pounds of rice and what mare life he could pull from the sea"(karkauer 36).
While in his canoe he encounters a violent storm that almost drown him. Being isolated, with little food makes him believe that he could survive in Alaska. This even is like a trial and if he could survive this then he could survive Alaska. The survival of this is what motivates him to a new challenge.
Five pounds of rice
Los Angeles
February 3, 1991
'According to his journal, McCandless went to Los Angeles "to get an ID and a job but feels extremely uncomfortable in society now and must return to road immediately'(karkauer 37)
Chris had now been away from society for so long that he could have forgotten how to act. This also motivates him to go to Alaska because society to him feels weird and he would rather be on the road hence immediately.
August 1992
Sushana river
's.o.s. I need your help. i am injured, near death and too weak to hike out of here, i am all alone, this is no joke. in the name of god, please remain to save me. i am out collecting berries close by and shall return this evening. thank you, Chris McCandless. August?' (karkauer 12).
He is over confidant when he gets his hopes up about living off the land. When he goes into the forest he has nothing. He is well educated, therefor it seems like he is not crazy. However he did not prepare himself for living off the land. Its disappointing because he had his hopes up and looses the battle.
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