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your memories by Sasha

No description

maryann carroll

on 8 June 2016

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Transcript of your memories by Sasha

Your memories by Sasha
Have you ever wondered where your memories go? Well, I have.
The brain picks up memories by your emotions and senses. Therefor its based on what we hear,smell,see,feel(touch),emotion,how we move our language ,what we read and what things mean to us .
How do we pick up memories?
Your memories are stored in the part of your brain that is called your brain synapses witch is in your brain Hippo campus witch is then part of the cerebral cortex.The picture is your brain synapses with little red dots as your memories.
where are your memories stored ?
You can have different types of memories. The different types are each have a different span the types are called Sensory memory,Short term memory, and Long term memory these are some of the different types of memories.
I chose different websites to get my information from
My bibliography
One Website was, www.cerfinfo.com
My second and last website was www.worldbookonline.com .
I hope you enjoyed my prezi thanks for watching !
The End
What different types of memories can you have?
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