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Technology Center Timisoara_LT

No description

Projects in Nokia Romania

on 17 October 2017

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Transcript of Technology Center Timisoara_LT

Driving through CLOUD with R&D
Technology Center Timisoara
Started the journey towards creating
a high performance and high integrity culture

Managed Services
Global Service Deliveries
R&D Heterogeneous RAN
Fixed Networks
Center of Competence GSS
Sales and Procurement
Applications and Analytics
Technology Center
Software Developers and Architects
Integration and Verification Testers
Customer Documentation Specialists
Telecom Engineers
Program & Project Managers
square meters
Customer support
Fixed Networks
System R&D and Tools, CuDo
Delivery Excellence
Full time employees
R&D Heterogeneous RAN:
RF Sharing
2G Controller
WebElement Manager
System Tools and automation
Test automation framework – Robot Framework
Customer documentation portal - Skylab
E2E Multi-technology Network Architecture Tool - Spider
Fixed Networks
Integration and Verification Testers
Telecom Engineers - Product introduction
Customer documentation
We use*:
Software Developers and Architects
We create: Single RAN, Cloud RAN, WebElement Manager, Tools
KPI management
tests, troubleshooting and performance evaluation
customer on-site & remote support
HetRAN RF Sharing, full activity coverage in Timisoara
HetRAN Single RAN
HetRAN 2G Controller, full activity coverage in Timisoara
Quick test, Continous Integration test and Continous regression on daily basis, ensuring feature build customer delivery
All R&D labs focused on Customer configurations
developing customer operational documentation for Radio and Cloud products
* just to name a few
Timisoara Site
Biggest Telecom R&D in Romania
Premium office space
Wide diversity of skills, age, gender & language
Fast adaptation to technological evolution
E2E Multi-technological environment
Competitiveness of headcount cost (employee tax exemption)
Department culture supporting the natural growth of leaders

Only a small footprint in 5G through Cloud
Test skillset underutilized
Low regional business volume
Use high E2E telecom technical I&V expertise to accomodate more complex testing activities
Recognized as a Top employer on local market
Attract European funding for in-house projects
Strong collaboration with several universities, which allows us to influence curiculla
Foster innovation through Garage
Foster the co-location with local hardware supplier
High attrition due to low salary levels compared with local market
Increased R&D investments from external companies in Timisoara
Increased aggressive headhunting on our experts from competition
Become the TC of choice for newest Nokia strategic products
be a key player in 5G & IoT
be actively involved in early phases of the future solutions
take advantage of advanced automation techniques
demonstrate ability to lead most complex/strategic projects
drastically lower defect density after feature delivery
Deliver on time and with predictable high quality, leverage synergies with non-R&D activities, prove ability to continuously renovate and innovate.
Be THE local employer of choice for the highest skilled engineers.
define/influence university curricula
retain and regain highly skilled talent
be recognized as highest OAM expertise center
open The Garage and establish first partnerships
diversify technology portfolio and grow skillset on 5G & IoT
deliver further LSS GB and first BB projects
leverage co-location with managed services
achieve a high engagement in innovation and short implementation cycles
Current activities & short term view

Technical projects
Location/TC Development
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