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Math in my daily life, by Abigail Rutman

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Abigail Rutman

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Math in my daily life, by Abigail Rutman

My mom and I love to go to Fatburger. Last time we went our total bill was $12.45. My mom decided to tip 15% because she tips wherever she eats because we all work hard. What was the total my mom paid?

First: I change 15% to a decimal=.15

Second: I multiply 12.45 by .15 to find the tip.

Third: I add the tip amount to the total. It costs Converse $15.00 to make a pair of my favorite shoes. They mark them up 30% to make money on them. How much do I end up paying at the mall for my favorite shoes?

First: I change 30% to .30
Second: I multiply 15.00 by .30
Third: I take that amount and add it to 15.00
Fourth: I have the amount I pay for my favorite shoes mark-up Math in my daily life... % Percentages % discount First: i move the decimal 2 times to the left on 40%.
.40 of $24.00 24.00
x .40
3.6000 Third: i subtract 3.60 from 24.00
and I will have the discounted price 24.00
20.40 i got a really cute hat with my friend and it cost $24.00 but it had a 40% discount. what is my total price? Second: I multiply .40 and 24.00 and move
the decimal over 4 places from the right. 24.00 x .40

3.60 24.00 - 3.60

20.40 Discounted
price of cute hat

$20.40 12.45 x .15 =

1.86 12.45 + 1.86 =

14.31 Cost of meal
plus tip:

$14.31 15.00 x .30 =

4.50 15.00 + 4.50 =

19.50 Marked up price of my Converse

$19.50 Last time I bought a shirts at the mall I did the math in my head but I forgot to figure out the tax. How would I do that?

First: the sales tax rate in Los Angeles is 9%
Second: I change 9% to .09
Third: I multiply the price of my shirts by .09
Fourth: I take that amount and add it to the costs of my shirts. 24.50 x .09 =

2.20 24.50 + 2.20 =

26.70 Price of my shirts plus sales tax
$26.70 My dad works on sales commission. He makes 25% of the total of his daily wooden clock sales. If he sold 230.00 how much commission did he make?

First: I change 25% to a decimal=.25

Second: I multiply 230.00 by .25 to find the commission. 25% = .25 230.00 x .25 =

57.50 Dads daily commissions

$57.50 tax commission My bank Kinetca pays me 2.5% interest a year on the money in my savings account. Right now that is 152.13. How much interest did I make last year and how much is
my savings now?

First: I change 2.5% to a decimal .025

Second: I multiply 152.13 by .025 to find the simple interest
Third: I add that to 152.13 and have my new savings total 2.5% = .025 152.13 x .025 =

3.80 152.13 + 3.80 =

$155.93 simple interest tip
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