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Most And Least Successful Products

No description

Reggie Ogbonna

on 27 January 2014

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Transcript of Most And Least Successful Products

The target market was very broad so everyone would go buy the phone.
The iPhone's sales actually boosted the U.S economy.
New operating system (IOS7)
Sold more than 9 million units in one weekend (September 23).
Iphone 5s
The iPhone 5s in my opinion was the most successful product in 2013. It was advertised very effectively as Apple usually does. Their goal was to "wow the world" with the sleek design and amazing features.
Nintendo usually puts out family oriented games, narrowing its reach.
A magnitude 4.6 earthquake hit Japan, damaging their economy and affecting sales there.
Advertisements were minimal in terms of other game consoles.
The console had a 69% drop in sales within the 1st year.
Wii U
The Wii U in my opinion was the worst product of 2013. Nintendo's goal was to make a new innovative game console. Many say that because their target market was mainly children, hardcore gamers did not purchase the product.
Most And Least Successful Products
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