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Gorilla Shot and Killed.

No description

Madeleine Student

on 4 June 2016

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Transcript of Gorilla Shot and Killed.

Gorilla Shot and Killed.
In Cincinnati Zoo a child fell into a gorilla pit and a gorilla named Harambe picked up the child.
Mom Calls 911
She calls 911 informing them that her three or four year old is in a gorilla enclosure but the gorilla has not yet picked the child up so the mom's sense of urgency was not extremely high but while on he phone the gorilla comes and picks up the child.
10 minutes
The boy spent 10 minutes in the cage before the zoo personal shot the gorilla.
What I think should Happen
The zoo personal had to shoot the gorilla because the tranquilizer would have to taken too long and possibly have angered the gorilla to a point where he might have killed the child.
My Opinion
I believe both ways because if they had not shot the gorilla he may have accidentally killed the child but they killed the gorilla and now the gorilla band might be in trouble since they lost one of the band mates.
I think in the near future that they should create a new type of tranquilizer dart that works instantly so this type of situation will not happen again.

Who's Fault
People are criticizing the Mom, but some other people are saying that it was the child's fault but I think the child is to young to have sense enough not to climb into a gorilla cage.
Gorilla Shot
Luckily the child did not have serious injuries but he was unconscious for some of the time and that might have saved his life because if the gorilla's heard that they might have seen it as a threat and killed him.
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