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Copy of Habitat of Idiognathodus

No description

iman mirza

on 11 March 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Habitat of Idiognathodus

Thank you!
By: Iman Mirza, Maham Fatima, Isatu Bah, Muna...
Habitat of Idiognathodus
How it became extinct.
How it is related to the eel
The idiognathodus became extinct 350 million years ago during the Cambrian explosion.
Stream flow reversals resulted from glacial activity changed the habitats of the idiognathodus, causing them to lessen.
It is related to the eel because it is similar in appearence.
The idiognathodus even moves like the eel
Possible uses of the fossil.
To see how it looke like.
What era it lived in.
What it ate.
Its Habitats.
What caused it to become extinct.
The fossils:
Work Cited

Inhabitated in slightly cooler, less oxygenated water.
It was a plant eating conodont.
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