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The Gold Rush

the gold rush was awsome

Melanie Takacs

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of The Gold Rush

Gold rush
Hey did you know that it was $100 for a glass of water for miners? I will give you a list of why you needed money. Eggs=$3.00, pills=$10.00, advised pills=$100.00, whiskey=$16.00, sugar=$1.50. When people made money from finding gold they would earn $32.00 for per ounce of gold.

The gold rush has been around since January 24 1848. The gold was found in the water next to the sawmill John Marshall made with his friend. All the people all over the world came to California to strike rich. People came from all over the world just to strike rich and have a lot of money to buy thing's.
Panning was a tool miners used to separate gold and gravel. The more valuable things go to the bottom of the pan. The more useless things such as gravel are found at the top of the pan. There were also other tools too but the pan was used a lot. In fact we still use them today but different tools.
boomtowns and ghosttowns
Boom towns were towns miners stayed in with a group to work over night and have a place to stay. They were for people who worked for the job and did that all day long. Eventually the boom towns because ghost towns. The owner shut it down, and no one went there anymore. It was empty and quiet. Then that became a ghost town. Boom towns were popular people from all over the world even from San Francisco. Thought would quickly make money. Women had choices from men that had a lot of money. Women had hundreds of choices of men. They could get a new husband if they did not do chores.

So at the end the gold rush really became awesome history that I think is really cool. Also, the gold that was found now became necklaces, bracelets, earnings, etc. This is a picture diagram of what happened through time. This is what everyone been through.
boom towns
got money from work
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