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Plot and characterization, with setting, conflict, and theme

Affton High School English students encounter basic terms to discuss literature

Troy Kozak

on 20 August 2012

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Transcript of Plot and characterization, with setting, conflict, and theme

Major Course Terms
Plot is shown over
five points:
Plot, Setting, Conflict, and Theme
is important
is important
Rising Action
Falling Action
Introduces characters and setting
Introduces the Conflict
Moment in the story where the outcome of the conflict is apparent
Result after the action of the climax
Answers how the characters will exist after the climax
The central problem that the main character must solve
Time and place of a story
What does the writer want to reveal to us about human nature?
These are basic terms we will use throughout the course. Get used to not only knowing them, but using them.
Falling Action
Flat Characters
characters that only have one attribute, 2-D
Static Character
A character who does not change
'Bad Guy', the character opposed to the protagonist
'Good guy' main character
Round Characters
Characters with a full personality; 3-D
Dynamic Character
Character who changes during the story
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