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Siboney Corella

on 20 September 2013

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Transcript of Adolescence

Physical Development
Cognitive Development
Adolescents' developing reasoning skills causes a new level of social awareness and moral judgement
"But, Mother, you don't really know how it feels to be in love" (Elkind, 1978)
Eventually,most achieve, what Piaget called, formal operations.
To become capable of abstract logic: If this, then that.
Moral Thinking
Preconventional morality: obedience either to avoid punishment or gain concrete rewards - usually before age 9

Conventional morality: upholding laws and social rules simply because they are laws and social rules - usually by early adolescence

Postconventional morality: follows what one personally perceives as basic ethical principles
Myers, David G.. Psychology. 7th ed. New York: Worth Publishers, 2004. Print.
In case your mommy and daddy didn't sign the permission slip in the fourth through eighth grade...
Moral Feeling and Action

Moral Feeling
disgust for people doing bad
love for people doing good
idea of ‘gut feelings’
If you had to kill one to save 5, would you do it?

Moral Action
doing the right thing, not just thinking it

Puberty: sexual maturation, during which a person becomes capable of reproducing (begins at age 11 in girls, 13 in boys)
primary sex characteristics develop (ovaries, testies)
secondary sex characteristics develop (female breasts and hips, male voice and body hair)

Girls' puberty: breast development
menarche (first menstrual period)

Boys' puberty: first ejaculation
Psychological Effects of Timing Puberty
During puberty...
the brain weeds out unnecessary connections
frontal lobe doesn't develop until later
male early bloomers are more popular and confident
female early bloomers find puberty stressful and scary
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