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The Widow and the Parrot

No description

Erich Froese

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of The Widow and the Parrot

The Widow and the Parrot Virginia Woolf Presented by Lauren Dalfonzo, Luke Helbling, and Erich Froese Characters Mrs. Gage She is a widowed, lonely woman, whose only daily company is her cherished dog, Shag.
She struggles with money issues, which is why her brother's death brings her a bittersweet happiness.
A very caring and down to Earth person. James the Parrot Supporting Characters Reverend Tallboy Mrs. Ford Farmer Stacey Lawyer Stagg Setting Rodmell, Sussex Theme "It's always darkest before the dawn." Meaning of the Story At first, you think the story is about a lonely old woman going
through a series of struggles to finally overcome them in the
end. However, this story has a much deeper meaning. This story is about a seemingly powerless woman living in a powerful world. A woman who is always kind to animals and caring to every living thing is repaid for being a good person. The author is trying to tell us that good people will be repaid for their good deeds, no matter how long it takes. Exposition Introduces Mrs. Gage, her dog Shag, and the setting of Spilsby, Yorkshire. Initiating Event Mrs. Gage's brother, dies and she must venture to Rodmell. Rising Action Mrs. Gage is informed there is no money, and her trip to Rodmell was a waste. Climax There is a fire, and everything in the house
is destroyed (along with the house itself). Falling Action James, who was assumed dead, shows Mrs. Gage where the fortune is- approximately $15,000: the fortune was hidden! Resolution Mrs. Gage lives a long happy life, and her trustworthy parrot
dies at the same moment as her. Her dog, Shag, died peacefully
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