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Green Caffeine

Design Thinking presentation for re-design of a coffee cup.

Keith Kellogg

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Green Caffeine

* Cap is removable
* New dispensing system
How would it be filled? How would it be filled? How would it stack? How would it stack? make it better: Green Green Caffeine Caffeine Group Members: Group Members: Ryan Halsne Emerson Kellogg Hanna Mosley Maggie Ziegler Paris Becker Kilmer & Kilmer Analysis Phase Synthesis Phase 1.
EVALUATE unconventional college
student How do we improve or
re-design the to-go
coffee cup for the
unconventional college
student Kilmer & Kilmer ? Our Persona: Our Solution: Our Solution: - Possible Family - Working Student - Bikes or uses
Transportation - Heavy Coffee Drinker A Day in the Life: 7am - Wake up
8:00 - Leave home
8:15 - Coffee stop 1
8:20 - Bike to work
8:30 - Work
5:30 - Finish work
5:40 - Coffee stop 2 5:45 - Bike/Bus to class
6:00 - Class
9:00 - Finish class
9:10 - Bike/Bus home
9:30 - Homework
11pm - Bed * Accept time constraints
- Multiple schedules
- Length of project * Accept the Problem
- Re-design disposable
coffee cup
- Improve function * Delegate tasks * Set Persona
- Unconvetional College Student * Set Goals for Product
- Portability
- Recyclability * New and Creative Solution What do we want and who is it for? - Cost Effective
- Insulated * Gather Facts & Information
- Research Persona
- Materials Research
- Interviews
- Research Vending
- Gather Ideas
- Stalk People Specify/Simplify Goals
Agree Upon Contraints ! - Insulated - Durable - Thicker material - Collapsable - Secure top - Portable (hands-free) - "Green" - Cost effective - No seams
- Thicker
- Different material
- Not fall over
- Screw on cap
- Flask
- Coke 100+ pop machine
- Camelback top
- Ketchup bottle material
- Milk jug look
- Hand hold
- Collapsable
- Wrist cup
- Baby-proof
- Indestructable
- Pocket-size Individual Prototype Versions Maggie's Prototype Paris's Prototype Hanna's Prototype Emerson's Prototype * Combine
Ideas * Discuss pros
& cons of
ideas. * Finalize Design * Discuss ideas created through
individual prototyping. - Parts we like
(work well) - Parts we dislike
(don't work) * Create final prototype. Store it! Fill it! Use it! Toss it! * Take final newly designed to-go cup into the environment. (Hypothetically) Drink it! Move it! Ryan's Prototype After being implemented and used (hypothetically)......... * Did it Work?
* Could it be better?
* Formally Evaluate
* Discuss
* Critique Our Solution: Our Solution: How much would it cost? How much would it cost? * Twist off top
* Flat
- Two halves making a whole
* Nested
- Inner flat part being flexible * Recyclable Cardboard
* Recyclable Plastic
* Larger scale market would decrease cost if larger
quantities were produced at once.
* Partner with local recycling companies for smaller
productions - Fun!
- No stirring = No spills!
- Automated
- Similar to Coke + system
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