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Are Taxes a Good Thing or a Bad Thing?

History Harp Per 4

Alison Francisco

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Are Taxes a Good Thing or a Bad Thing?

Hamilton's Financial Plan Income Taxes Are Taxes a Good or a Bad Thing? Historical Context After the war, the nations problems weren't over.
Large amount of debt after war
There was not only international debt but the individual states had debt too.
Britain was putting a tariff on the goods sent from America which meant that America didn't make much profit. 1. Do you think that income taxes are a good or a bad thing? THANKS FOR WATCHING!!! and remember, bless your face, and if you sneezed during this presentation bless you Funding at Par
Hamilton wanted to pay back the countries that the nation had owed money to in full.
He didn't want America to have a reputation of not paying their debt-wanted other countries to trust America in the future. Raising Revenue
Hamilton issued two taxes:
1)Excise tax on whiskey
An excise tax is a tax for a specific item
2)Tariff on imported goods
This encouraged citizens to buy products made in America. The Whiskey Rebellion Due to Hamilton's excise tax on whiskey, farmers in Pennsylvania grew angry.
The farmers were grain farmers which meant that they were paid more for their products that were distilled into whiskey.
In response to this, Washington sends an army of 13,000 men (lead by Hamilton) to put down the rebellion.
When they arrived, the rebellion participants had fled.
This shows the nation a kind, but firm, ruling. Good: 93 Bad:7 2.How would the country's economy be if there were no taxes on a scale of 1 to 5? (1 being the worst and 5 being the best) 3. Do you think there should be a limit on taxes? Yes: 91 No: 9 4. Do you think it will be better for the economy if taxes were raised or lowered? Raised: 31 Lowered: 69 5. Do you like the way the government is spending the money they earn from taxes? Our Hypothesis We as a group all agreed that the majority of the people would choose that income taxes are a good thing rather than a bad thing. We believed that people would see taxes as a good thing because without income taxes we wouldn't have any funds for schools, healthcare, social security,etc. Even though most people hate paying taxes, they would see more pros than cons in this situation. The Survey A Mordern Day View of Taxes
Good vs. Bad 58 25 11 5 4 Yes: 10 No: 90
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