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New York Police Department

No description

on 13 May 2015

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Transcript of New York Police Department

Our Proposal
New York Police Department

A Proposal to Improve Cultural Competence within the NYPD's Applicant Processing Division
Theoretical Principles
Why biased?

Cognitive schema and mental model

- Multicultural Competence Assessment (pre and post survey)
- SWOT Analysis
- Balance Sheet Method Analysis
- Professional Development Activities
- Experiential Learning
- Needs assessment
- Pre and post questionnaires about recruitment standards
- Process facilitators
- Workshops
- Fishbowls
- Clarify & change standards in the hiring process
1. Increase recruiters' multicultural competence
Group 7
Emma Wilberg
Tonie Phillips
Gabrielle Morse
Mayu Takezawa
Andre Anteliz
Current Events
Why are we here?
Implicit bias
(Fridel, 2007)

Microaggressions (Sue, Capodilupo, et al., 2007)
Police officers' concern for own safety (Paoline, et al 2000)
Forms police culture: boundary and suspiciousness
2. Increase applicants' awareness of programs that provide advantages in the recruiting process
improve from incapacity to pre-competence
improve eligibility and hiring standards
modify the requirements
lower implicit bias in process and recruiters
improve racial diversity of African Americans from 7% to 10%
increase awareness and competence of current marketing strategies
approval rating of NYPD from 54% to 60%
63% of New Yorkers feel NYPD does not treat all New Yorkers the same, reduce this to 50%
Theoretical Principles Cont...
Impact of recruiters' bias on recruitment process

Selection bias: Interviewers tend to rate job applicants of the same race more highly (i.e. Avey, 1979, Campion & Basen, 1979)
Tragic events involving use of excessive force locally and around the country
NYPD Approval Rating
54% approve of NYPD
63% say NYPD doesn't treat New Yorkers equally
NYC residents feeling a lack of trust in their police department
To increase trust and NYPD/NYC Resident relations, we propose increasing the number of African American males in NYPD
Research suggests....
To increase NYPD cultural competence in recruiting
Suggest modifications to employment requirements
Identify current cultural competence of investigators in the Applicant Processing Division
Provide interventions that aim to reduce bias and improve their competence specifically relating to African American candidates

“When examining the level of ethnic and racial diversity within a large urban police department, the integration of minority males and females becomes an important human resources policy question, because it has implications regarding issues of public safety and citizen trust and confidence in the department with respect to the level of police protection that they receive."
(1) Help recruiters interact with applicants in culturally sensitive ways
(2) Help identify barriers (i.e. intellectual, mental, ethnic, racial, cultural, social, and sexual identity) that often reduce minority recruitment

Formative Evaluation of Fishbowls
Change Standards in Hiring Process
Mental Health Stigma
- Meet with your team
- Get to know your work environment
- Administer pre-test survey to assess multicultural competence
- Questionnaire about recruitment standards
- Involve you in the process
Where do we start?
Cultural Incapacity
Our Team


- Formal discussions on experience
- Survey
Balance Sheet Method Analysis
Rate each proposed intervention

- Pros and Cons?

- How motivated are you?
Summative Evaluation
- Post-consultation observation
- Compare pre-post questionnaires
Multicultural competence
Recruiters implicit bias

Your Job / Disengagement
Maintenance Plan
Force Field Analysis
Focus Groups

Reducing Involvement
Follow - Up


- Psychoeducational workshops that increase awareness on:
Mental health stigma
Systemic oppression
- Experiential training activities for recruiters to learn how to self-assess in the future
Practice interviews & role-plays

biased towards assumed racial/ cultural dominant group

- Discriminatory hiring procedures

- Subtle messages to people of color that they are not valued

Knowledge, Awareness, and Skills
Look at discrimination in hiring process with regard to mental health standards
Are we considering cultural barriers and background when recruiting officers?
Look at
current education benefits
Market current benefits to attract potential recruits
Increase the benefits for recruits who cannot meet hiring standards
Provide education within the police academy
Create a partnership with CUNY schools
Look at
education requirements
Do they knock out potential recruits?
Expand the standards in the hiring process
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