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School Accountability Stakeholder Presentation

Principles of School Accountability and Assessment

cicely tyson

on 16 November 2010

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Transcript of School Accountability Stakeholder Presentation

Double click anywhere & add an idea Wolfson Stakeholders
and Accountability Standards Federal Standards State Standards District Standards Florida Consent Decree:
The State of Florida's framework for compliance with federal laws.This ensures equal access and delivery of a quality and comprehensible education for all Limited English Proficiency Students
Adequate Yearly Progress FCAT Graduation Requirments School Report Card Florida's Calculation of AYP District criteria for promotion Wolfson High School Pride of the Pack!! Magnet School
*Advanced Placement Florida's Accountability System NCLB Requirments:
Participation: 95% ofStudents
Reading Proficiency: 100% by 2013
Math Proficiency: 100% by 2013
Additional Three Academic Criteria: Graduation Rate (1%), School Grade(C,B,or A), and Writing Assessment (3 and above) Safe Harbor and SWD Mathmatical Adjustment Decrease non-proficent by 10% Adjust scores becuse of non-proficient reading and math due to SWD 1. Evaluate Student Records
2.Obtain the Assessment Scores for Students
3.Apply the 1% Cap for SWD Alternative Assessments
4.Compute the Components of AYP for all Subgroups
5.Compute Adequate Yearly Progress
6.Identify Schools for School Improvement
7.Review of AYP Determinations Students' whose schools earn a failing grade more than once during a four year period, based on FCAT results, can receive a voucher to attend another public school or private school. In order to reiceive a standard high school diploma students must earn correct number of credits, maintain a passing GPA, take required courses and pass the 10th grade portion of the Math and Reading FCAT with a scale score of 300 and above. Students have limitless opportunities to pass the exam and seniors are able to substitute a comparable ACT or SAT score. (see Chart) must be achieved by graduation year: Concordant Scores by Graduation Year
Reading Mathematics
2009-10 2010-11 2009-10 2010-11
FCAT 1926 1926 1889 1889
SAT 410 420 370 340
ACT 15 18 15 15 Reports on individual schools are part of the annual district report cards, also known as local report cards. Each school district must prepare and disseminate annual local report cards that include information on how students in the district and in each school performed on state assessments. The report cards must state student performance in terms of three levels: basic, proficient and advanced. Achievement data must be disaggregated, or broken out, by student subgroups according to: race, ethnicity, gender, English language proficiency, migrant status, disability status and low-income status. The report cards must also tell which schools have been identified as needing improvement, corrective action or restructuring You and Wolfson Course Required Credits
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