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No description

Amanda Kaemmerer

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of Breathe

View the interactive Journey Map available for each Journey here:
This journey is about your sense of air and your flair for air- air for the planet and
airspace for you. Girls on this journey will be flying and floating into some amazing
new life adventures!
Let's Break it Down
Sections of the Adult Guide:

1. Summary of the book - Page 6

2. Summary of Awards - Page 10

3. Outcomes of the GSLE - Page 27

4. Sample Sessions at a Glance - Page 8

5. Take Action - Page 70
Summary of Awards
Aware Award
Step One: Air Log (pages 14-15)
Step Two: Identify two experts and talk to them
Step Three: Increase their AWAREness
Step Four: Discover why you care
Alert Award
Step One: Decide on your issue
Step Two: Decide who you will educate and inspire
Step Three: Decide what you want to teach to others
Step Four: Decide how to reach others
Step Five: Educate and Inspire!
Affirm Award
Step One: Follow up!
Step Two: Review the results
Step Three: Talk about the results
Step Four: Affi rm your commitment to the planet
Navigating the Girl Scout Journey

What Girl Scout Cadettes Do

Cadette Journey Assets

Breathe Flip Book
It's Your Planet - Love it!
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