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How does Psychology benefit society?

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Lydia Potter

on 28 August 2013

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Transcript of How does Psychology benefit society?

How does Psychology benefit society?
When people need to be treated or
need help before or after a crisis, they will usually go to a clinical psychologist. They prevent and relieve distress to an person living in any distressful situation. This benefits society because it helps people stay safe and less distressed. It also helps the person in distress feel better and happy.

Psychology can have a big impact on your education. An educational psychologist helps children or teenagers who are having a hard time learning or progressing. This may be because they have learning disabilities or social or emotional problems. They help the person progress and observe how they learn and understand the best. They can
put them with tutors or in a school program. They help society reach a higher education and for people to not have trouble learning because it is a very important thing to have in life.
Can you imagine everybody in the world being negative? That would be awful! Nobody would be happy and life would be depressing. If someone is feeling that way, they could see a psychologist who knows of positive psychology. People should not focus on sad things, things that make them distressed. They need to focus on being happy, strong, and successful. They examine other people who are happy to help you achieve the same happiness. Society could always use someone smiling! :)
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