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Whistler Project

No description

Jason Wong

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Whistler Project

Day 1 Whistler Project Golf at the Whistler Golf Club 12:00PM Arrival! Welcome to Whistler Village 12:30PM Check into the Pan Pacific Hotel 1:30PM 1:00 PM Lunch at Fat Tony's Pizza 5:30PM Go back to Hotel, and clean up for dinner 7:00PM Grab dinner, at the Celadon Fine Korean BBQ & Grill
grab groceries after dinner DAY 2 9:00AM Wake up for complimentary breakfast 11:00AM Attend the ZipTrek 1:30PM Quick Starbucks run before next event 2:00PM Horseback Riding 8:00PM Get dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory 9:30PM Go swimming at the Pool Day 3! 9:30AM
Wake up, and eat breakfast 10:45AM Bungee Jumping! 3:45PM Go Fishing by the lake 7:45 Get dinner at Araxi 12:45 Grab Lunch at Mcdonalds DAY 4 ! 11:00AM Wake up, and get breakfast! 12:00PM 12:45PM Go Heli Skiing 6:45 Have fantastic dinner at Earls 8:30, take a night time scenic flight Day 5 Wake up for Brunch at 11:30 Go shopping at Guess till noon
Go rafting till 4:30PM Then go Biking till 7:30 Eat dinner at The Keg Day 6 Day 7 9:30AM 12:00PM 12:45PM 3:45PM 6:55PM 8:45AM 10:00AM 12:45PM 1:45PM 3:45PM 6:45PM 8:30PM THE HOTEL Pan Pacific Amenities Lunch at La Bocca Play Squash
Sushi Village, for sushi dinner, then movie at Village 8 Cinemas Wake up for breakfast Go canoeing at lakeside park Work out at the Sports Centre Go golfing Get lunch at Le Brasserie Continue golfing Go rock climbing Get dinner at Caramba! Pack up to leave whistler -Massage
-Work out area
-Room Service
-Concierge Heart of Whistler Luxurious suite with mountain view: $289 Tourist Interview: Chris Allan: The Employee Staying at the Aava Hotel rated 5/5
Ate at Earl's 4/5
Ate at C.R. Restaurant rated 4.5/5
Ate at the Keg 4/5 Activities Walked around town 4/5
Shopping 3.5/5
Eating 5/5 Originated from California Chris would love to return to Whistler and Blackcomb especially with more friends Miscellaneous Polar Bear: Totem Pole: Cow: Telus World Festival -Free Concerts
-Free items
-Free events 2010 Olympics Remnants FINE FOR CYCLING IN THE VILLAGE: $2000 + confiscation Free Wi-Fi at Blenz Tourist Interview #2: Roy Staying at the Westin 5/5
Ate at La Bocca 3.5/5
Ate at 21 Steps 5/5
Ate at Araxi 5/5 Activities Ziplining 5/5
Skiing 5/5
Shopping 3.5/5 Originated from Ohio Roy would like to return to Whistler *Roy refused to take a picture with us 2:00 PM Go shopping at Roots Appetizer:Bibinbab 19.95
Main Course: Assorted Seafood 25.95
Desert: Green tea ice cream 11.95 Appetizer: Calamari $7.25
Main Course: New York Steak $15.95
Desert: Ice cream smoothies $3.95 Main Course 1: Lobster Salad $23.50
Main Course 2: Loin of Lamb $33.50
Main Course 3: Apple Cheese cake $12.50 Apetizer : Clam Chowder $6.35
Main Course 2: Bacon Cheddar Burger$13.50
Desert: Sundae $6.55 Appetizer: Shrimp Cocktail $9.95
Main Course: Prime Rib + Lobster $32.98
Desert: Carrot cake $8.99 Appetizer: Homemade Flatbread $4.99
Main Course: Margarita Pizza $15.99
Desert: Uce Cream $4.99 Appetizer: Shrimp Tempura $8.75
Main Course: Box Sushi $17.99
Desert: Jello -FREE- By: Jeffin Vekkal, Anelisa Di Pasquale, and Jason Wong
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