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문화의 이해

No description

Hyuna Kim

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of 문화의 이해

Living/Working in the globalised world Eun Hye Kim
Soo Hyun Jeon
Ji Young Park
Hyun A Kim
Inchul Kye
Kwang Jun Lee Globalization in Korea Experiences GLOBALIZATION? Import/Export? EDU system of Korea -
colonization from Japan to liberalization Korean citizen born in Korea Language? Communication? EDU system in Korea Personal experiences with
globalization in 1880~ : Small schools, run by missionaries in 1910~45 (colonized by Japan):
633 System occurred
6 years in elementary school
3 years in middle school
3 years in high school

teach math, sciences...etc
BUT exterminated korean language & focused on Japanese language in 1945~(Modern society) :
Native teachers in school, college
-->Multi lingual system go abroad to FRANCE little Knowledge in French communicate in English with
foreign friends Language is globalized !! Experiences Korean born out side of Korea came Korea to study in HUFS killing 3 birds with 1 stone
: learn more about the Korean culture
continue BA studies in Korea
HUFS exchange student program conclusion Korea's EDU system changed ---> GLOBALIZED BUT downsides exists.... ex) neglect mother tongue HUFS has globalized EDU system Inchul Kye Eun Hye Kim Hyun A Kim Soo Hyun Jeon Ji Young Park K-POP? Don't let globalization weaken your identity Kwang Jun Lee
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