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Finding Nemo ~ A Hero's Journey

No description

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Finding Nemo ~ A Hero's Journey

Finding Nemo ~ A Hero's Journey
The Journey
The Return
Son of Marlin and deceased Coral
Child ~ Nemo
Nemo's father, raising Nemo as a single dad.
Hero ~ Marlin
A kindhearted Regal Blue Tang fish with short-term memory loss.
Guide ~ Dory
An easy going sea turtle, with a hands off, relaxed parenting style.
Mentor ~ Crush
Scuba diving dentist who fishnapped Nemo and places him in his fishtank in his dentist office in Sydney. He is the physical manifestation of the unknown Ocean.
Devil ~ P.Sherman / Ocean
Dory comforts and inspires Marlin to push forward when he feels all hope is lost.
Goddess ~ Dory
The Call
Nemo is taken by a scuba diver while on a school field trip, and Marlin has to go after him even though he is uncomfortable with leaving the barrier reef.
Call to adventure
There was no refusal of call. Marlin had no other option but to go after Nemo, and did so with no regard to his own safety or comfort level.
Refusal of Call
Marlin literally bumps into Dory who is determined and optimistic in helping Marlin.
Supernatural Aid
Marlin leaves the barrier reef with Dory to search the ocean for Nemo.
Crossing the first threshold
While caught in the mouth of the whale Marlin learned that sometime you have to let go and put your trust in someone other than yourself.
Belly of the whale
Marlin encounters sharks, an angler fish, moon fish, jellyfish, turtles, and a whale. Marlin realizes that the ocean is full of various types of creatures, not all that want to harm or eat you.
The Road of Trials
Although already on his journey with Dory, she comforts and encourages Marlin to press on and put trust in others.
Meeting with the Goddess
Marlin gets distracted from his journey with the angler fish's "lure" and that distraction almost costs him his life.
When Marlin mistakenly calls Dory Nemo
Atonement of the Father
Marlin lets Nemo go into the fish net to save Dory
The end when Marlin and Nemo are reunited.
The Ultimate Boon
Marlin is elated to be with Nemo having crossed the ocean and would love to hold him close forever although he knows that isn't what Nemo needs.
Refusal of Return
Marlin and Dory are rescued by Nigel when the seagulls try to eat them.
Rescue fromWithout
Marlin has just been reunited with Nemo and needs to let him go to help Dory escape from the net even though he may lose him again.
Crossing the Return Threshold
Marlin recognizes there is a distinct difference between being overprotective and being a good parent. Marlin learns he must let Nemo learn some life lessons on his own.
Master of the Two Worlds
Marlin now lets Nemo experience some things on his own and isn't so overbearing.
Freedom to Live
The Death and Rebirth of Marlin
Marlin begins his hero's journey as an over protective father who is very concerned with his sons safety. Marlins journey enlightened him to several new life experiences, dealing with real life and death situations and has changed his perspective of the world around himself and his son.
The Death and Rebirth of Marlin
Marlin is greatful to be reunited with Nemo and made a new friend with Dory. Marlin appears more relaxed and upbeat.
The Magic Flight
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