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The ACE Paragraph

No description

Ms. Solomon

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of The ACE Paragraph

What are your steps to writing a paragraph?
The ACE Paragraph
EXAMPLES continued
Write an AEC paragraph



The most effective process is called
Otherwise known as your claim
Simply states what you plan to prove in your paragraph
Everything in the paragraph should be used to prove your assertion
Otherwise known as examples
These are the quotes that you use in order to prove the assertion of the paragraph
Quotes have to be factual and something that you research or read in literature
Otherwise known as analysis
Analysis should directly explain how your evidence is crucial to proving your assertion to be true
answer the following questions in your commentary:
Overly simplistic
Doesn’t get at the deeper meaning
Weak Assertion
Proves something
Strong Assertion
The Onion newscast about the Miley Cyrus depletion imitates the CNN format by bringing in the experts to talk about the
devastating effects of overusing Miley as an entertainment resource.
Bringing in the “experts” makes one think about all of the numerous useless organizations that the government funds that do not need to exist. These experts also bring attention to all of the people who go on news shows and….
Weak Paragraph
Make sure you introduce evidence, don’t just plop it in.

Use Evidence effectively
Skipped the commentary
Commentary not connected to the evidence

Commentary should EXPLAIN HOW the evidence proves the assertion
A-E-E-E-E-C is weak structure (commentary can’t be very in-depth if it’s trying to explain too much evidence).
The Onion News Network special report on Miley Cyrus
uses imitation to make fun of so-called experts.

One way the
ONN does this is by creating a graph that shows how long it will
take until Miley becomes “too wild.”
This graph is there to back
up what the “expert” is saying, but it’s actually quite ridiculous.
It makes fun of these so-called experts who always have graphs
and charts to prove their point no matter how ridiculous it may
sound. It criticizes the way experts want people to believe that
if there’s a graph, it’s true.
Another way the ONN makes fun of
so-called experts is by creating a fictitious book. The book
created is called the Impending Miley Cyrus Crisis, and it tells
about all the things that will happen when Miley burns out.
creating a book they make fun of all these so-called experts who
think that just because they know information about one topic,
they’re automatically experts on the subject and that they can
write a book about it. This mocks experts who waste time and
money on absurd topics just to gain fame and fortune.
The ONN uses jargon to satirize Miley Cyrus’s exposure in
the media by using terms that make it seem as if Miley
Cyrus is a resource.

The reporters on the ONN do this by
claiming, “Within two years, she’ll be little more than a
withered, desiccated husk, incapable of causing anyone any
amusement at all.”
By using this terminology, they make a
comparison between Miley Cyrus and actual resources like oil,
saying that she will eventually burn out and won’t be worth
anything. It makes fun of the point that Miley’s fans obsess way
too much about her and that over time, they will get sick of her
and discard her.
The ONN also uses jargon to satirize other teen
icons, by saying that “they were bountiful entertainment
resources that our over-consumption reduced to smoldering
remnants. But we are burning through Miley at a far more
aggressive rate.”
Wording their statement this way makes the
comparison that these former teen stars have all been overused
and exhausted, just a resource would be. This makes it
humorous because it’s ridiculous to compare people to tangible
resources, but in this case it applies so well that it’s funny.
While watching this video make notes on possible evidence you could use to write your AEC paragraph
How would you write an ACE paragraph on the drinking age debate?
The AEC Paragraph
**It’s a good idea to reread/redo the assertion after completing the paragraph (figure out what you actually proved, and then put that as the assertion) **
"What is the main message of the quote?"
"How does it help answer the question I am researching?"
"What is the significance of this connection?"
The Onion uses imitation to imitate the CNN news show type format.

The Onion news report on Miley Cyrus imitates CNN to make fun of the entertainment industry and the Miley Cyrus fans.
Be sure not to SKIP the evidence. If you do, then there will be nothing to support your evidence
This one introduces the evidence
. “Miley is already showing near-Lohan levels of depletion.” Miley Cyrus nowadays is compared to many….

. The anchor of the newscast brings in an expert who says, “Miley is a potent entertainment resource, but we are overusing her at unprecedented levels.”
. It imitates a CNN broadcast in the way of its
serious, professional tone that informs people. It imitates by
using fake charts and graphs that look legitimate but are actually
. The so-called “expert”, Dr.
Canty was another form of imitation. He pretended to be an
expert on Miley Cyrus and talked about how the world is
overusing her and she will be depleted by 2013.
. He said, “Miley is a potent entertainment
resource, but we are overusing her at unprecedented levels.”
This proves that teen idol fans are obsessed and naïve. Disney
Channel over-exploits Miley, and sooner or later, people will get
bored of her and move on to the next big teen idol star.
. The Onion interviews fake expert, Dr. Justin
Canty, to exaggerate the seriousness of the issue. This makes
fun of the fans of Miley and other teen icons who care too much
about the lives of celebrities. This also makes fun of the people
who make themselves experts on things, like Miley Cyrus, that
don’t really have any real value.
Instead, A-E-C-E-C works better

. A couple ways that the Onion does this is by
analyzing facts and statistics by using graphs, projected images
behind the news anchor, and switched off from the news report
to interview an “expert” on the subject. All these techniques
make the viewer pay attention and make them believe this is a
very serious situation.
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