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Island gray fox prezi

No description

Kennie Brandt

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of Island gray fox prezi

Island Gray Fox Kennie Brandt p.2 Basic Facts Behavior Reproduction Communication Habits Evolution Appearance Why Endangered? How Can we Help? History Conservation... Status is improving Donate
letter to government forest
Climate = semi-arid Evolved from mainland foxes 10,000 years ago 50-60 day gestation
1-8 pups 6000 foxes Year 2005 Today Year 2000 less than 1000 foxes 1600 foxes Habitat Diet Habitat Destruction Hunted Diseases 20-30 inches long 3-6 pounds Size of a house cat Omnivores Insects Fruits Small Mammals Sight, Sound, Smell Facial Expressions Tree Climbers Hunting 3 main reasons... 2 subway foot longs
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