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Caroline Jomphe

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of Misogyny

Hypothesis of the Study and Results
Internalized Misogyny

Passive acceptance
Passive acceptance: indirect acceptance of traditional gender roles as well as unawareness or denial of cultural, institutional and individual sexism (Bargad and Hyde 1991; Downing and Roush 1985; Fischer et al 2000; Worell and Remer 2003).
Self-objectification: the internalization of sexually objectifying experiences that occurs when women treat themselves as an object to be looked at and evaluated on the basis of appearance (Fredrickson and Roberts 1997).
Internalized Misogyny as a Moderator of the Link between Sexist Events and Women's Psychological Distress
The Study:

- Daily Sexist Events Scale rated on 5-point Likert Scale
Internalized Sexism
- IMS (internalized misogyny scale) using samples rated on 7-point Likert Scale.
- Objectification Questionnaire rated on a scale of 1-10.
Passive Acceptance
- FIDS (Passive acceptance subscale of Bargad and Hyde’s Feminist Identity Development Scale) rated on 5-point Likert Scale.
Psychological Distress
- Hopkins Symptom Checklist rated on 4-point Likert Scale

_Shaw & Lee: "The hatred of, or contempt for, women."
- A cultural practice that serves to maintain power of the dominant male group through the subordination of women (Piggot 2004).
- Women and their role in society are thus devalued to increase and maintain the power of men resulting in a fear of femininity a hatred and devaluing of women and female related characteristics.

Internalized Sexism
Passive Acceptance

-274 self-identified heterosexual
women recruited via undergraduate psychology courses at a large southern university in USA ages 18-31 a majority were white women.
-Asked to participate in a online survey that gauged the mal-effects that internalized misogyny has on a woman’s mental wellness.

2. Sexist Events and internalized misogyny will be significantly correlated with psychological distress.
a. Sexist events (medium effect size) and internalized misogyny (small effect size) were significantly positively correlated with psychological distress.

4. Internalized misogyny will moderate the relationship between sexist events and psychological distress.
a. The difference between the two internalized misogyny groups occurs at the higher levels of sexism when women who have more internalized misogyny have more psychological distress

3. When examined concurrently both sexist events and internalized misogyny will be significantly related to psychological distress.
a. Sexist events was a significant and unique predictor of psychological distress but internalized misogyny was not.

1. Internalized misogyny will be significantly correlated with self- objectification and passive acceptance.
a. Low to moderate correlations between internalized misogyny, self-objectification and passive acceptance supported this assertion.

1. Do you think that internalized misogyny is a problem primarily among heterosexuals or do you think that homosexuals also have to deal with it?

2. Do you think that internalized misogyny has more harmful effects on minorities?

3. Do you think that internalized misogyny is dependent on age?

Margaret Van Hook
Caroline Jomphe
Grace Dunn
Internalized Misogyny
The devalue or mistrust of women as a belief in male superiority

-Leads to passive acceptance and unawareness of sexism likely a side effect from sexist events

-Leads to self-objectification and has been shown to contribute to psychological distress

Mean Girls
- Internalized Sexism
- Self Objectification
- Passive Acceptance

Foreclosed Identity
(Cady loosing parts of herself
in order to fit in with this clique)
Psychological Distress
(Gretchen’s Break Down)
Eating Disorders
(Regina’s obsession with loosing
2 pounds)

Learning to combat the problem.
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