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No description

Connor Tressel

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of Bulldozer

Connor Tressel and Ian Brown
Period 4 Hydraulic Bulldozer Device Description A bulldozer is used mainly for construction purposes
It can be used to pick up, move, and deposit dirt
It can also be used to knock stuff down
The hydraulic pump allows the scooper to move back and forth, and also up and down Component Identification The bulldozer has many components. It has a generator, hydraulic tank, power inverter, drive shafts, pumps, a motor, etc. System Operation All of this is operated by the driver with foot pedals and joysticks
The fluid used for these oil
The oil is compressed by a piston
The oil then flows to another piston which directs the oil upwards
two gear pumps are used together to pressurize the hydraulic fluid
A series of pumps move the oil throughout the machine
Once the oil reaches the final pistons, it allows the arms to move back and forth
The pistons take control of the cylinders
There are two cylinders; a lift cylinder, and a tilt cylinder Schematic Reflection The machine is very cool
It can lift almost anything and it destroys things
Having the two cylinders works very well because it allows for lots of power and movement
Something that could be fixed is longer shafts so the scooper is able to push farther out Conclusion Questions
1.List and describe the functioning components and purpose of a fluid power device at your house or school.
My hose at home is a hydraulic machine. It pressurizes the water and then shoots it out
2.Explain an everyday task that could be performed more efficiently if a fluid power device were utilized
shoveling the driveway in April would be easier if there was a hydraulic shovel. By now people are getting sick of it and want the snow to stop. If there was an easy shovel to use life would be easier References http://www.pacific-press.com/hydraulic_bulldozer.html
http://science.howstuffworks.com/transport/engines-equipment/hydraulic-crane.htm Table of Contents Image of machine
Device description
Component Identification
System Operation
Reflection + Conclusions
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