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A Midsummer Night's Dream

Fake and Real characters

John Higgs

on 11 November 2012

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Transcript of A Midsummer Night's Dream

Actor chosen:
Robert De Niro Theseus
Actor chosen:
Anthony Hopkins Lysander
Actor chosen:
Shia Leboeuf Demetrius
Actor chosen:
Bradley Cooper We chose Bradley Cooper because he reflects
Demetrius' ability to play a really nice guy to Hermia,
but also able to play a jerk like he is to Helena. He can
be the kind of actor who seems like he gets whatever
he wants, except in this case, Hermia. He is a very
versatile actor, so this is a good role because his
emotions change a lot in the movie. We chose Robert De Niro to play Egeus because he's
known as a violent actor who can sometimes be
considered psychotic. We chose him to play the role of
Egeus because Egeus is quite stubborn and he's also
willing to use lethal force if she marries Lysander.
De Niro and Egeus share the same violent and strict
charactersitics. We chose Anthony Hopkins to play
Theseus because he typically plays a calm and
restrained character,comparable to Theseus,
but is still going to force what has to be done
and can come across as intimidating. Best Movie
Goodfellas Best Movie:Silence of the lambs We chose Shia Labeouf because he typically
plays the good guy in his movies, kind of like
Lysander.We think of him because he's really kind
of a sweet-talker around women and he really
goes all out to make someone happy, in this case, it's
Hermia. Best movie: Transformers Best movie: The Hangover ll Oberon
Actor chosen:
Sylvester Stallone
We believe Sylvester Stallone would be a
good Oberon because he does have a funny
and soft side, although you don't see it often, but
can also be pretty cruel.This style is comparable
to Oberon's in our opinion. Altough Stallone is
usually playing a rogue soldier, he could a play
a good fairy king. Best movie: Rocky Puck
Actor chosen:
Kevin Hart
We chose Kevin Hart because, first of all, they're
about the same height and they're each pretty
mischevious and each enjoy causing havoc. He is really
funny and is kind of a jerk, but not in a mean way.
Kevin Hart is comparable to Puck by the way he
acts and his childish sense of humor. Best Movie: N/A, he's a comedian Peter Bottom:
Actor chosen:
Woody Harrelson We chose Woody Harrelson because
in a lot of his movies, he plays a charac-
ter who's kind of "out there" but still has
feelings. He's really funny and isn't always
that smart, so he can be tricked easily, kind of like Bottom was. He can change his
feelings at a moment's notice.
Best movie:
No country for
men Hippolyta
Actress chosen:
Angelina Jolie We chose Angelina Jolie because she has the
ability to play a woman of great power and can
take command of a situation. Jolie can play dozens of different roles and Hippolyta goes
kind of from ruler to almost just a normal wife.
She is one of many few actresses who can play
a role of great power. Best movie: Salt Helena:
Actress chosen:
We chose Selena Gomez because
she knows how to play the confused
girl in the middle of a weird situation. She oftens
plays a character that has to face some form of
adversity to get what she wants, and Helena has to be emotionally abused by Demetrius just to have him end up liking her. Selena Gomez Best movie: Haven't seen
one. Hermia:
Actress chosen:
Kristin Stewart We chose Kristin Stewart because she has the
ability to play a disobedient and care-free person who will go to extraordinary lengths to be with the person she wants to. She can make her own decisions in the face of
adversity, just like Hermia did to go off and marry
Lysander. She is willing to fight for what she wants . Best movie: Zathura
Actress chosen:
Titania is a character comparable to Hippolyta. Julia Roberts I think Julia Roberts, despite being a bit before our
time, could fill this role. She is known to be an
actress who could play a motherly role at any time and,
like Hippolyta, could be good in a role of responsi-
bility. She would be a good Titania because she
could play a good mother, such as Titania did when
trying to keep the little indian boy. Best movie: Hook
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