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No description

Jefferson Middle

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of 3253

his house in chi-
cago has 4 fire
places in it. Broack obama
is a good presi-
dent at everything. Barack Obama is the 44Th president "the truth of the metter is that us i said 4.3 milion job's after the last 24 mounths 800,00
just this year alone. the private secton is doing fine. whaere we see. wheare we see weaknes in are aconimy have to do with state and loacal" he was born in August 4,1961 he gives people more taxes. he also gives people 200.00 more dollars in food stamps. Realisation He was known as the o'bomer for
his skill in basketball. thank you how good he helps are cumunity
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