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History,famous gangs, activities,and diffrent types.

Brianna Phillips

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Gangs

Gangs throught history Notable gangs Gang activities Types of gangs Hand signs Early gangs Symbols Rituals Slang Here since the world begian Gang fasination in 1800s tatoos Grafiti Drugs Cars Weapons James Gang The Barrow gang Russian Mafia Mexican mafia Drug cartel The Crips Disciple Nation MS13 The Bloods Latin Kings Vice Lords Italian Mafia Traditional Non-traditional Entrepreneur Street Prison Killing robbery Theft/larsony Al"scareface"Capogne John Dillanger Prettyboy Floyd Bonnie and Clyde babyface Nelson Jessie James Machine gun Kelly Ma Barker The Dapper Don 2-Pac Famous Gangsters
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