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Syncardia CardioWest Total Artificial Heart: Bridge-to-Transplantation Device

No. 1 bridging device 2 help stabilize people with severe heart conditions until they receive a donor heart

Matthew Tucker

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Syncardia CardioWest Total Artificial Heart: Bridge-to-Transplantation Device

Syncardia CardioWest Total Artificial Heart:
A Bridge-to-Transplant Device - composed of Dacron (synthetic polyester) and lined with polyurethane How it works 3:06 - 4:04: Progress Timeline since first heart transplant
8:03 - 8:33: 2009 saw release of "Freedom" device (damn thing's 17.5 pounds!) A women who successfully became accustom to the TAH. Notice "Big Blue" 68%-87% Survival rate Dofetilide therapy (maintains normal heart)
Dobutamine (treats heart failure and cardiogenic shock) @ 10 micrograms/kg/min.
1 mg of midazolam (muscle relaxant)
20-gauge right radial arterial line is inserted (monitors blood pressure) using anesthesia (2 mg of midazolam, 100 mg of lidocaine [treats abnormal heart rhythms], 14 mg of etomidate [helps with induction of anesthesia], 100 micrograms of fentanyl [sedative], and 20 mg of Vecuronium bromide [muscle relaxant]
8 mm endotracheal tube, anesthesia was maintained with 0.4%-0.6% isoflurane and a 60% oxygen and air mixture
right internal jugular 9-French multilumen introducer using the Seldinger Technique (to obtain safe access to blood vessels) for analysis Steps taken and drugs required Two units of blood removed
A 10% dextrose drip carrier & aminocaproic acid (inhibitor for enzymes) infusions
NO @ 20 parts per million (decreases pulmonary ventricular resistance)
probe inserted assessment
Antibiotics administered with divided doses of 400 microgrmas of IV fentanyl Pre-surgery Pre-heart switch Incisions to remove patient’s heart
Blood coagulation inhibitors admin'd
tubes inserted into heart remains
midazolam & isoflurane; dobutamine discontinued
TAH fitted
Phenylephrine (maintain an avg arterial pressure)
weaned off cardiopulmonary bypass
heart rate set from 90 to 130 beats/min
recently removed blood replaced after receiving 250 milligrams of IV protamine (replaces chromatin) Resealed 500 micrograms of IV fentanyl to maintain Hg lvls & Noepinephrine to establish a proper Hg lvl
antibiotics and painkillers Post-surgery respiratory infections
genitourinary infections (genitals or urinary organs)
gastrointestinal infections, and blood infections
mental illnesses (seizures, storkes)
multiorgan failure Side effects Questions? Prezi by: Matthew Tucker
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